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The Silk Road (Xinjiang & Gansu)
  • Camel-riding & Camping in Mongolian Desert and Jeep Surfing Sand Dunes
  • The Silk Road (Dunhuang, Kashgar & Kazakh)
  • Explore Gansu (Dunhuang, Jiayuguan Pass, Xiahe and Lanzhou)
  • Tibetan Gannan (Xiahe's Labrang & Langmu Monasteries)
  • In-depth Silk Road Journey (Xinjiang's Kashgar, Kucha and Takalamakan Desert)
Classic China Highlights
Southwest Ethnic Minority Explorations
Mongolian Grasslands, Deserts & Manchuria
Tibetan Landscape & People
Ancient China - Capitals & Yellow River Civilization
Shanghai & Yantze Regions - Gardens & Water Towns
Panda, Yangtze Cruise & China's Famous Mountains
Subtropical and Tropical China
Students' Study Tours Around China
Upcoming Tours
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