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Sleeping on the Great Wall
Saturday 13:00- Sunday 14:00, April 16-17, 2022
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This unique tour offers you two memorable experiences on the Great Wall. The early morning hike along the Great Wall on top of the mountain range gives you breathtaking views in relative isolation, while spending the night just by the Great Wall under the evening stars – is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed!

CCC chooses one peaceful section of the Great Wall near the border of Beijing, which is less touristy, more natural and "wild". The portion of the Great Wall was built around mid 16th century during the Ming Dynasty and acted as a key military stronghold. The Great Wall snakes its way through fantastic natural scenery in the mountains. Many watchtowers dot this part of the Great Wall, from which you can see the capital city on clear days. The Wall is very steep and rocky with loose stones at times, but the views it provides are spectacular. During our hike, we’ll also spend some time walking on the mountain road so you can get a glimpse of the villages, farmland, and fruit trees that surround this part of the Wall.

Kids age: This trip is suitable for kids at least 6 years old and above, who are able to hike 2-3 hours along the steep mountain path up to the top of the wall.

* Sleeping or camping beside the wall on top of the mountain.
* The view of sunrise and sunset on top of the great wall is breath-taking, especially when there are no many tourists on the wall.
* The hike along the top of the "wild" wall is fantastic.
* Counting evening starts in the tent is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed!

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RMB 1200 / RMB 950 for children aged 6-11.  (Payment should be made at least three days ahead of departure. Last minute booking, please call CCC directly).

* The price includes English-speaking guide and coordinators, air-conditioned  transportation, all meals (one barbecue, one breakfast and one Chinese lunch at one farmer's home)  and camping gears up on the wall. (two persons sharing one tent, or three-person tent for families: two adults & one child)
* Departure requires a minimum of 6 persons, and the tour group limited to 20 people.

Please note that CCC is only responsible to carry the camping gear (including sleeping bag, mattress and rain-proof carpet) and  and breakfast up onto the Great Wall, you will have to carry your personal belongings, drinking water and personal stuuf (porter services are available for a charge of RMB100 per piece for one way.

Payment Methods:  Please click www.chinaculturecenter.org/info/content/530for all six payment options. Since the day tours and classes involve relatively small amount of money, we recommend you to ask your Chinese friends or colleagues to help you transfer the money by WeChat Wallet or Ali Pay, the easiest and fastest ways to make payments in China.  

Note: Prepayment shall be made at least two working day before 5pm Beijing time prior to the tour/class time (before Friday 5pm if the tour/class is on Sunday), so CCC staffs are able to check and confirm.  If you use international credit card wire the fee (which may take some time), please send us a photocopy of your receipt (a picture by your cellphone) to prove. 

Cancellation policy: If you have to cancel after you made prepayment, please let us know (by phone call) 48 hours in advance. 50% of tour/event fee will be charged for cancellation if you do it within 48 hours, 100% of tour/event fee will be charged if you cancel within 24 hours’ notice.



Day 1   Sleeping beside the Great Wall on top of the mountain

  • Meet at CCC to catch the coach, and we' ll begin our adventure in the afternoon with a 2 hour drive from Beijing center to the Great Wall near the border of Beijing.
  • Arrive at a village at the foot of the Great Wall.
  • Hike 40 minutes up to the top of the Great Wall, and then hike 1.5 hours on the top of the Great Wall toward the area of camping (the wall is “wild”, 1/3 of the part is quite steep.)
  • When we arrive at the destination, the porters have already carried up our camping equipments and food up there. We begin to set up the camps.
  • You will scale the wall and be awed by the beauty of the sun setting against the back drop of the one of the seven wonders of the world.
  •  Dinner including barbecue and beer on the wall while watching the sunset.
  • Sleep overnight by the Great Wall.

Day 2  Sunrise / breakfast on top of wall / hike the wall

  •  Wake up to the splendor of the sunrise of the wall. This is the best time to take pictures.
  •  Enjoy a simple western breakfast (bread & coffee)before venturing on your hike on the wall (10km – approx 3.5 hours medium difficultly with ups and downs and some loose rocks). 
  • Options: If you do not want to participate in the full hike please tell your guide and he will make arrangements for you to go down the mountain and walk around in the village.
  • Join a local famer family for lunch.
  • After lunch we return to the coach and drive back to CCC (ETA 15:30 -16:00)

Warning: There is no electricity, running water or toilets on the Great Wall.

The package includes:

  • Accommodation beside the Great Wall on top of the mountain, including tents,bedding/ sleeping bags and pillows.(two persons sharing one tent). Tents for 3 persons are available, please let us know at the time of booking if your group of three would like to share one tent. 
  • English-speaking guide.
  • Meals (Barbeque dinner on day one on top of the Great Wall and lunch on day two, and one simple Western breakfast (bread &coffee) on the Wall.
    The breakfast will include hot coffee – but no other hot food – as no cooking is allowed on the Wall. If you have a special dietary request, please let us know in advance at the time of booking.)
  • Some bottles of mineral water, hot water, tea, coffee, beer and other soft drinks.
  • Clean and air-conditioned coach transportation.
  • Local insurance .(Please send us your passport information for the insurance at the time of booking)

Please note:

  • In case of bad weather--- When it rains or the weather is otherwise hazardous, alternative overnight accommodation will be provided, and the second day' s itinerary will be adjusted according to safety risks. Besides, local authorities sometimes order people off the Wall. If this happens once we have already arrived – and therefore cannot change the tour date – we'll arrange for you to stay in a courtyard hotel at the base of the Wall free of charge.
  • Camping on the great wall may be temporarily suspended during some sensitive political events. Thus we may have to cancel or reschedule the dates in the last minute!.
  • Because winter season will be (very!) cold on the Wall, we' ll stay in a courtyard hotel at the foot of the mountain, but we’ll still enjoy the night sky and sunrise from the Wall.
  • The hike is quite strenuous (Level of difficulties: 3 out of 4)
  • We will purchase an insurance plan for those who don't have international insurance while in China. Please let us know your personal details (full name, passport number, and date of birth) by 12 noon one day prior to departure date if you are interested. Should you not subscribe to this option, CCC will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the trip.

What to bring:

  • Walking shoes or hiking boots, sunscreen, bug repellant, sunglasses and personal items such as medications, toiletries and a change of clothes.
  • WARM jacket or sweatshirt is needed as it's cooler on the wall than in the city.
  • When you hike your bags will be transported in the bus. Use a knapsack to carry your things for overnight and the hike the next morning. You may bring snacks to eat while walking on the wall however we will give you some as well.          
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