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Beijing Amblers: Lost Relics and Ancient Villages of Mentougou, Beijing
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Enjoy a quiet day with Beijing Amblers at several authentic ancient villages of Mentougou, western mountainous suburb of Beijing. Explore an obscure Dragon King Temple valued for its Ming Dynasty murals and four colourful clay figures of dragon kings and one river god around 600 years ago, only one of its kind in Beijing; search for the very first pagoda of Beijing hidden amidst the fruit trees on the slope of a farmland; and have an easy hike along the ancient rock horse trail to appreciate the Buddha relief sculptures and steles carved on the cliff over a thousand years ago. (fruit and vegetable picking are available at the right season)

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Location: Mentougou District, western suburb of Beijing
Driving time: 1-1.5 hours
Hiking: 1 hours up and down (easy climbing)
Lunch: formal lunch in a nice restaurant
Language: English
Where to meet: Catch the coach at the China Culture Center, Beijing, China

Beijing Amblers, part of the China Culture Center since 2006, organizes suburb day walks, weekend hikes (at a leisure pace) and overnight trips to places that are still free from the clutches of the tourism industry. It offers both a good day’s exercise and cultural interest (The ancient villages, cultural relics and heritages, rural life and landscapes).



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