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Backstreet Beijing Walk: Tongzhou District
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Tongzhou District, almost one million population  located in the south east extension of Beijing is now one of the most rapidly growing areas with affordable housing and good  metro rail and road access to central Beijing  where the jobs are. A major effort is under way to create a secondary commercial hub in this strategic location.

In the Qing Dynasty this was the terminal point for the Grand Trunk Canal where freight from the south was transferred for distribution to locations such as the historic grain storage facilities at New Poly Plaza, a strategic  location at the wall of the Inner City. So with Tongzhou's historic importance there are significant heritage sites, including the canal and historic villages that are being restored with the existing residents being returned, a significant change from traditional practices.

The temples and mosques are being renovated and  expanded and the newly built Tongzhou Mosque is an example of the Muslim faith expressed thru traditional Chinese architecture. Enjoy the shots of Tongzhou as it transforms into a new part of Beijing.

Another two heritage sites of Tongzhou include Liao Dynasty Pagoda (a thousand year old) by the canal and the old Luhe Middle School, which was Tongzhou Boys' Boarding School founded in 1867 by clergyman John Davidin from the Congregational Church of America.

Note: Please dress properly to visit the mosque so as to comply with the Muslim custom, e.g. shorts and sleeveless are not recommended.

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About the CCC "Backstreet Beijing" Walking Tour Series
This is a cultural tour series designed to rediscover some of Beijing's old districts and lanes .We will walk through areas which used to be bustling with interesting popular shops, theaters, shrines and temples and residences of important people. Over 20 walking routes have been carefully designed by CCC since 2004, covering almost all areas of old Beijing within the second ring road or beyong. CCC guides will take you back in time to rediscover the history of the lanes and get a glimpse of the authentic atmosphere of old Beijing. Along the way you'll meet some unplanned surprises, some long-time, elderly residents and interesting characters, including descendants of famous people. You'll hear their stories of the streets and neighborhoods and of China in the past century. Of course, architecture, design, the artwork of the courtyards, and other cultural aspects will be discussed as well.

Note: This series is for lovers of Beijing lore and history and those who like to walk . The talks and discussions will be detailed and the walking/tour time will be 3-4 hours or more. Each tour will be limited to 20 people.

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