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Overnight Tour to Tianjin (Concessions & Local Culture)
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This trip covers both old colonial districts and areas and colourful Tianjin local culture.Strolll around along the beautiful illuminated Haihe river, explore the European concession architecture, visit the Tianjin Cultural Street for foot-binding museum & taoist temple - the Heavely Empress Palace, and visit the traditional lanes, neighborhood and market.

The concession area will include villas and colonial buildings of Italy, Germany, UK, France, Austro-Hungary, and Japan, American barracks, as well as British consulates, German Club, British Club and Victoria Park. (please note that some areas and buildings have been used as offices and governmental office buildings, so we can not enter in). We will also visit the last emperor Puyi's former residence.

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Day 1:

  • Take high-speed bullet train to Tianjin (30 minutes)
  • Transfer to the beautiful classic Astor Hotel and check in.
    Astor is the first modern hotel in contemporary China, where many western and Chinese historical leaders, celebrities and industrial tycoons ever stayed.
  • Stroll around along the illuminated Hanhe river, where the old colonial buildings flanked the river bank.

Day 2:

  • Visit the Tianjin Cultural Street and surrounding market, including foot-binding museum and the Heavenly Empress Palace,
  • Explore the concession area of Tianjin, including villas and colonial buildings of Germany, UK, France as well as the British consulates, German Club, British Club and Victoria Park.
  • After lunch, continue to tour around the concession area of Italy, Austro-Hungary, Japan, and American barracks.
  • Transfer to train station and leave for Beijing.
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