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Meandering the Botanic Garden & the Azure Clouds Temple
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Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing walk in the botanic garden and hike along the path (both dirt path and wooden plank) of the Cherry Gully up to a small and low hill where the spring water is originated.  You will see various species of trees, plants, flowers and birds, and pavillions.  Have a picnic in the park and then continue to visit the famous Azure Clouds Temple north of the Fragrant Hills featuring beautiful stone pagoda and 500 life-size wooden buddha statues. 

About the Azure Clouds  Temple (Bi Yun Si)
Once the home of a Yuan dynasty official, the site was converted into a Buddhist temple in 1366 and enlarged in 1516 during the Ming Dynasty and again in 1748 in the Qing dynasty by imperial eunuchs who hoped to be buried here. The temple's five main courtyards ascend a slope in Fragrant Hills Park. Although severely damaged during the Cultural Revolution, the complex has been attentively restored. The main attraction is Vajra ( Diamond )Throne Pagoda, a towering  Indian "stupa" ringed with miniature stupas. Lining its walls and five pagodas are gracefully carved stone-relief Buddhas and bodhisattvas. The pagoda once housed the remains of Nationalist China's founding father, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who lay in state here between March and May 1925, while his mausoleum was being constructed in Nanjing. A hall in one of the temple's western courtyards houses about 500 life-size wood and gilt arhats -- each sitting or standing in a glass case. 

Please pack your own picnic lunch for this walk.

Meet at the China Culture Center, Beijing, China.

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