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Backstreet Beijing Walk - Xinjiekou & Huguosi
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This is a fascinating walking route to quickly learn the variety of local life, hutong, and two famous artistic figures.

This area is known for Huguosi restaurant, most famous traditional Beijing snack shop and restaurant; the People' s Theater (which is now served as Chinese Opera Troupe rehearsal hall); a Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) shrine on the top of the hill with a view of the Western Lake and nearby Houhai and Drum & Bell Tower; ruin and remain of Huguosi Temple; and mostly a smal local bee-hive coal-manufacturing plant. Then we will take a walk around the bank of the beautiful West Lake.

The tour will also cover two memorials dedicated to Xubeihong, father of modern Chinese art and Mei Lanfang, most famous Peking opera master in China. It is beautiful courtyard and former residence of Mei.

Meet at the China Culture Center to board the coach and coach returns to CCC at the end of the walk. We will mainly walk around Huguosi and West Lake areas.

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About the CCC "Backstreet Beijing" Walking Tour Series
This is a cultural tour series designed to rediscover some of Beijing's old districts and lanes .We will walk through areas which used to be bustling with interesting popular shops, theaters, shrines and temples and residences of important people. Over 20 walking routes have been carefully designed by CCC since 2004, covering almost all areas of old Beijing within the second ring road or beyong. CCC guides will take you back in time to rediscover the history of the lanes and get a glimpse of the authentic atmosphere of old Beijing. Along the way you'll meet some unplanned surprises, some long-time, elderly residents and interesting characters, including descendants of famous people. You'll hear their stories of the streets and neighborhoods and of China in the past century. Of course, architecture, design, the artwork of the courtyards, and other cultural aspects will be discussed as well.

Note: This series is for lovers of Beijing lore and history and those who like to walk . The talks and discussions will be detailed and the walking/tour time will be 3-4 hours or more. Each tour will be limited to 20 people.

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