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Night Tour of the Grand View Garden
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The Grand View Garden tour in last summer was extremely popular.

Get to know the most famous classical Chinese novel through a tour to the garden!

CCC organizes a night tour to a beautiful garden in the southwest of Beijing:  The Grand View Garden (Da Guan Yuan). Modeled after the scene in the great Chinese literature "Dreams of Red Chamber",   the garden is very pretty, especially when all folk and palace style lanterns are lit up at night and hanging up on the trees.

CCC guides will show you around three to four courtyard residences where the hero and heroine and other leading roles of the novel are supposed to live in, and give a talk touching on the sophisticated characters and plots and what the novel is all about.

Laser Movie will be shown with the waterfall on the lake as the background; and dancers will appear on the lantern-lit boat. CCC guests will be sitting in the terrace (tea house)watching the movie and performance.

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