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Beijing Temple Fair Tour-Chinese New Year
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If you've never visited temple fairs of Beijing, then you must experience this style carnival with the locals and feel the bustle and lively New Year atmosphere of Beijing and view those spectacular variety shows and unique folk performances from rural areas of China, which you can rarely see in usual days, and all in one day.|

Traditionally, temple fairs were a means to attract worshippers, however, over hundreds of years they have become celebrations for the whole community. In recent years Beijing holds more and more temple fairs in the temples and parks around the town, inviting hundreds of excellent folk arts & performing troupes from all over China. Acrobats perform daring stunts, dragon dancers weave in and out of the crowds, vendors sell all things festive, and of course local xiao chi (snacks) are available everywhere. Join Beijing's bustling and lively temple fairs during the Chinese New Year.

We will first give a brief talk at CCC on history of Beijing temple fairs, before we drive to visit a traditional Ditan Altar featuring typical flavour of Chinese temple fair, where you see various handicrafts, food & snack, and performances; then have lunch in a nice Chinese restaurant. After lunch, we wil attend the temple fair in the Grand View Garden, which is modelled after the scene depicted in the famous novel "Dreams of Red Chamers". It is a very good opportunity to watch many rural gala shows and folk performances that we won't see in usual days.

Bus leaves from the China Culture Center.

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