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Spiritual Journeys (Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism)
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This is an expert-guided tour to visit three old monasteries of Beijing: Confucius temple (confucianism), White Cloud Monastery (taoism) and Fayuan Monastery (Buddhism and Zen). The three religions are regarded as the pillars of philosophy and religion embedded into the fabric of Chinese Culture. They permeate into ever cornor of Chinese society and people's life.

English narration, transportation and lunch are provided.


* Expert gives an in-depth explanation in English.
* Walk in the hundres years old and historically most famouse buddhist, taoist and confucius temple in Beijing, all of them feature beautiful architures, processions of peaceful courtyard houses, and old trees.
* Both basic temple structure, statue symbols and in-depth three religious insights will be explained.

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The Confucius Temple
Built in 1306, this building was split between a Confucian Temple (Kong Miao) and the Imperial Academy (Guozijian) where civil servants used to train for the exams that would launch them into court life. The Confucius Temple on the left of the complex is consists of four courtyards and houses 198 stone tablets that bear the names of more than 50,000 scholars who passed the imperial exams in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Now more of a museum, things still get busy at the temple when Beijing students prepare to sit the university entrance exams and come here to ask the sage for a bit of help.

The White Cloud Temple (Baiyunguan)
is the largest and most popular Taoist site in Beijing, serving as an active place of worship, an ancestral shrine, a reliquary, and as headquarters for the Chinese Taoism Association. The existing temple buildings date back as far as 1706. Until its recent restoration, the site had been used as a barracks for some years.

The Fayuan Monastery
a famous historical Buddhist Temple in Beijing, which is also the location of China Buddhism Collage and China Buddhism Library.

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