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Beijing Amblers: Legacies of Daxing, South of Beijing
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Daxing has been developing very fast with the plan of the new Beijing Airport, the largest in the world. Go with CCC's Beijing Amblers to catch up the rural scene and encounter the neglected relics in the suburb of Daxing - Imperial tomb site, pagoda as well as people working in the ancient villages and vegetable and crop field.

Catch CCC coach at the China Culture Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

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Where: Suburb of Daxing, south sixth Ring Road, south of Beijing
Driving time: 1 hour (departing from Chaoyang District)
Strenuous hiking? No! just some walking.
Content: Visit the old village and a tomb site of emperor's wet nurse, an old pagoda, and a local villager's home. Lunch and walk in the vegetable and crop field. Head to a huge muslim village, visit a mosque and chat with the locals. Return to Beijing.

About CCC's Beijing Amblers
A more relaxed, rambling hikes, although some are rigorous and marked with high difficulties. It is to take in some of the fine scenery, the wild wall and rural life around the capital at a leisurely pace -- the pace set by Beijing Amblers, CCC' s special interest group. We try to manage the climbs and hikes, if there are any, at a relatively leisure pace so that you won't feel rushed and exhausted but have no time to take photos or to appreciate the landscape.

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