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Daytrip to the Eastern Qing Tombs in Hebei
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Eastern Qing Tombs is the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site and the largest imperial grave complex with surrounding natural landscape in China (in Hebei Province). It is not a just a tour to enter the underground graves, but a wonderful walk within the beautiful scenery. The mountains and trees are well matched with the awesome spirit way and processions of arches and pavilions, and palace complex.

The tombs are "home to two princesses, three princes, five emperors, 15 empresses, 136 Concubines . . ." Among these tombs are those of the Empress Dowager Ci Xi and the Emperor Qianlong ("China's longest reining emperor"). There are a total of 15 tombs that are far more impressive than the Ming Tombs. Unlike the Ming Tombs in Beijing, which has only one scared way, every Qing tomb has its own sacred road with splendid memorial gateways, decorated pillars and pairs of animal statues. The surrounding snenery is also better than the Ming Tombs

Driving hours:2.5 hours (express way). Meet at the China Culture Center, Beijing, China.

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