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The Long March's Terminus Yan'an & Yellow Earth
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Yan'an, located in the heart of China, is famed as the terminus of the long march and the de facto capital (1936C47, 1948C9) of the Chinese Communists, who established arsenals, several colleges, and a military academy (now a museum) there. For 10 years between 1937 and 1947, the dusty, desolate town of Yan'an in Shaanxi Province was the site from which the Chinese Communist Party consolidated power and spread revolution. It was here that Mao seized leadership of the party and formulated the theories that came to be known as "Mao Zedong Thought."

The appeal of this part of Shanxi is its very austerity -- the cave dwellings, the dry terraced hills, and the yellow loess that covers it all. This part of northern Shanxi was also the location of Chen Kaige's affecting 1984 film Yellow Earth, about the impact on villagers of a young Communist soldier who goes into the countryside to collect folk songs.
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