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Yunnan's Yuanyang (Hani Rice Terrace) & Tropical Xishuangbanna
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Yuanyang, Jianshui and Luoping lie in the relatively underdeveloped southeast part of Yunnan, Honghe Hani and Yi People's Autonomous Region, Yunnan, southwest of China. Because of relatively inaccessible part of Yunnan, the subtropical area escaped heavy development for tourism, and have so far been overlooked to a certain extent. It is not included in the Lonely Planet nor any other leading travel guide books.

Yuanyang is renowned for its rice terraces crafted out, no sculpted by bare hands by the Hani people one thousand years ago, transforming a barren valley into a humid Eden; perfect for rice crops. The 1000m of mountain slopes of terraces is still in use today, claiming to be the world's most spectacular and extensive terraces. An optional gateway to Yuanyang, Jianshui is a little town with interesting historical architectures and relics, including a mini Tiananmen Gateway.

Close to the border of Myanmar and Thailand, this subtropical region is home to the Dai ethnic people. Lowland rice fields along the banks of a broad Mekong River are divided by rolling hills covered in virgin rainforest and interspersed with isolated communities of Dai, Hani, Jino and Bulang minority peoples.

It is an ideal retreat for the winter when most of China is cold. Visit authentic villages of three minorities and their homes and stroll around the local market. Distinctive ethnic people in colourful costumes, various local food and products and a tea plantation will make your trip truly memorable.

* Enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunset over the irrigated rice terraces in winter. It's great to have fog in the morning and cloud at dusk in a sunny day.
* Visit Hani people (ethnic minority) villages and markets where locals wear their colorful traditional costumes.
* Hike along the steep and slippery rice terrace paths
* Enjoy Xishuangbanna's tropical scenery and admire the costumes and customs of the ethnic minority people.
* Jianshui Ancient Town & out of town ancient Villages retain remarkable architectural legacy.

Best time to visit

The peak time to visit Yuanyang area is between December to March/April when the terraces have been flooded in preparation for the rice planting. The flooded paddies creates reflecting pool effect, which is a photographer's dream.

Xishuangbanna can be visited anytime except the summer is very hot.
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 Yunnan's Yuanyang (Hani Rice Terrace) & Tropical Xishuangbanna

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