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Sichuan's Mountains - Emei Shan & Qingcheng Shan
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Sichuan, in the southeast of Tibet, hosts several UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites. One of them is the Leshan Giant Buddha Statue, the largest Buddha statue carved into a mountain in the world. It is over 71m high and there is enough space for more than 100 people to sit between its feet.

Emei Shan is a mountain in Sichuan province of Western China, 143km (89 miles) SW of Chengdu, 36km (22 miles) E of Mount Le Shan. Mt. Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. The patron bodhisattva of Emei is Samantabhadra, known in Chinese as Puxian. 16th and 17th century sources allude to the practice of martial arts in the monasteries of Mount Emei made the earliest extant reference to the Shaolin Monastery as Chinese boxing's place of origin. Mt. Emei was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Great spectacles of Mount Emei include the sunrise and Clouds Sea seen from the Golden Summit of the mountain. The sunrise is very varied, but optimally begins with the ground and sky being in the same dark purple, soon showing rosy clouds, followed by a bright purple arc and then a semicircle where the sun is coming up.

* Meet the panda at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu
* Go to the top to view the largest Buddha statue carved in the mountain in the world.
* Try the authentic Sichuan food in Chengdu.
* Watching the sunrise from the summit
* Standing in the Cloud Sea. Like many a Chinese mountain, Emei is famous for its clouds and mists. The classic experience happens when layers of clouds gather. You see the clouds above, climb through them, then look down to see clouds billowing and surging at your feet like the sea. Of course, conditions aren't always right.
* Witnessing Buddha's Halo. When the sun shines through misty clouds, and you're standing between the clouds and the sun, you can see your shadow outlined by a halo-shaped rainbow.
* Seeing the "Strange Lamps" (Guai Deng). Photos and witnesses are both scarce, but supposedly in the evening when the moon is waning, especially after it has rained and the sky has cleared, those looking down from Sheshen Yan at the layers of mountains in the distance can see thousands of floating orbs of light.
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