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Ancient Zhengding Town & Yujia Stone Village
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CCC does not presently offer regular set excursions to this destination. However we are happy to help you plan a private tour. Please click the tab "Custom Itinerary" to check prices and propose a date and your own group.

This is a well-received bus tour. The village is really unique despite we have seen many ancient villages or townships in Beijing, Shanxi or Yunnan. The "old China" life & custom in the village has been kept intact; and the old town Zhengding is famous for its various ancient temples of different dynasties.

Zhengding is a county in Hebei Province approximately 260 kilometers south of Beijing, China. It is under the administration of nearby Shijiazhuang City. Zhengding has been an important religious center for more than 1,000 years, from - at least - the times of the Sui Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. It is the founding place of a major school of Zen Buddhism. Now there are few places in China that you can see unadorned old temples. But Zhengding owns many monasteries and pagodas of different dynasties (from Sui, Tang, Song to Qing).  A noteworthy site is the Longxing Monastery, where the historical building ensemble has been preserved almost intact. Furthermore, four famous pagodas, each with its own architectural style, are still standing.

Yu Family Stone City (Yujia Village) is located in Jing Jing County,  80 kilometers from Shijiazhuang. It is the only national-level protected ancient village in Hebei. Yujia Village is nick-named stone city because it owns 4000 stone houses, 3700 meters long stone slab paved street, over 1000 stone well and pool,  and 200 stone stelas. Besides, many stone stools, tables and grinds scatter in the village. You will also see little shrines and old monasteries left in the town.

Driving hours: 4 hours from Beijing to Zhengding; 1.5 hours from Zhengding to Yujia Village. Stay overnight in a hotel in Jingjing County near Yujia.

Meet at the China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
Bus leaves at 8:30 am and return the next day at around 6:30pm.

Zhengding village is located in a remote area and is only accessible by a small bus.  CCC encourages you to only bring one small bag per person as the bus has very limited storage.  CCC thanks you for your understanding.

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