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Shaolin Temple & Luoyang Longmen Grottos
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Luoyang lies in the "centre of the loess" near to the south of the Yellow River in Henan province. For several centuries, Luoyang was the center of China, a major cradle of Chinese civilization. Luoyang has Longmen Grottoes, one of the 4 most famous Buddhist grottoes in China with over one hundred thousand Buddha figures in more than twenty three hundred niches carved on the hill; Luoyang is also known for its famous Shaolin Temple on Songshan Mountain - the cradle of Shaolin Kung Fu and the number one Buddhist temple in China. The annual peony fair in April exhibits over 350 varieties of peony, national flower of China.

* Longmen Grottoes, one of the four most famous Buddist grottes in China.
* the famous Shaolin Temple and martial arts school visit
* The annual peony fair in April with over 360 varieties of peony, national flower of China.
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The Annual Peony Fair in April
A flower of elegance and poise, peony is emblem flower of Luoyang, and once emblem flower of China during imperial China era. The annual Peony Fair is from April 5- May 5 (but the prime time for blossom is between April 10-28). The hotel is much more expensive than other months of the year. Over 350 varieties of peony are cultivated in several peony gardens of Luoyang. When the flower blooms each April, Luoyang celebrates with a month-long floral display, street entertainment, lantern shows, exhibitions of traditional Chinese calligraphy, painting, photography and symposiums.

The Six Horses Chariots Museum
A newly excavated emperors' pit where a dozen of chariots and scores of horses were found dating back to 770 BC East Zhou Dynasty. Other valuable bronze and pottery articles were available as well. The pit was discovered by the construction workers recently when they built the city center square.

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