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Scheduling of Tours
Regular Beijing Tours v.s Custom-made Ones

Below are examples of activities that CCC has undertaken in the past. We reschedule many of them on a regular basis depending on their popularity. Please click the calendar to see when your choice is scheduled. If it is not scheduled please book a custom-made one.
Beijing Amblers - Outskirts Cultural Excursions
  • Shangyuan Established Artists Village Tour
  • Chengde Imperial Mountain Resort
  • Day-trip: Vineyard & Wine-tasting in Huailai
  • Joining Yu County's Lantern Festival - Molten Iron Fireworks
  • Day Trip or Overnight Excursions to Ming Village (Cuandixia)
  • Tianjin Concessions & Colonial Architecture Tour
  • Songzhuang Contemporary Artists Village Tour
  • Eunuch Tombs, Mural and Temple Tour
  • Beijing Amblers: Legacies of Eastern Suburb Changping
  • Beijing Amblers: Legacies of Suburb Tongzhou - Old Bridges, Wall & Gate Tower,Pagoda and Canal
  • Qiaozi Contemporary Artist Village Tour
  • Beijing Amblers: Lost Relics and Ancient Villages of Mentougou, Beijing
  • Overnight Tour to Tianjin (Concessions & Local Culture)
  • Cultural Relics and Rural Life of Fangshan, Beijing
  • Overnight Stay in prestine courtyard within Qingshanguan Great Wall Fort
  • Beijing Amblers: Legacies of Daxing, South of Beijing
  • Day-trip: Peking Man Site and Marco Polo Bridge
  • Meandering the Botanic Garden & the Azure Clouds Temple
  • Beijing Amblers: Legacies of Northern Suburb of Changping, Beijing
  • Daytrip to the Eastern Qing Tombs in Hebei
  • Day-trip: The Western Qing Tombs
  • Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice Sculpture & Lantern Tour

Beijing Essentials
Themed Cultural Tours In Beijing
Backstreet Beijing Walking Tours
Great Wall & Hiking Tours in Rural Beijing
The Little Beijing Amblers - Field Trips & Excursions
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