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Mongolian Grasslands, Deserts & Manchuria
Hulun Buir Grassland, Inner Mongolia & Russian Village
3 days / 2 nights

The Inner Mogolian Hulun Buir Grasslands are the most pristine and lushest in China. The Russian town features Russian descendants, Russian style wooden houses and filled windows and golden-silver birch forest.
Camel-riding & Camping in Mongolian Desert and Jeep Surfing Sand Dunes

This journey will visit the famous pyramid-like Western XiXia tombs, then cross the border from Ningxia into Inner Mongolia desert dunes. Climbing aboard a jeep and drive up and over the shifting sand dunes - an experience of a lifetime!Camel riding over the steep dunes is another highlight!
Homestay in Herdsman's Yurt, Xilin Gol Inner Mongolia Grassland

Unlike most Inner Mongolian grassland resort tours, which features concret yurts, crowded tourists and noisy entertainment, this Xilin gol grassland tour will visit Mongol families and stay in their authentic yurts and experience their life.
In-depth Silk Road Journey (Xinjiang's Kashgar, Kucha and Takalamakan Desert)

Visit the famous Kashgar and Kucha, two largest Uigur and muslim community cities of Xinjiang and experience the Taklamakan, China's largest desert; and visit the Grotto of Thousand Buddhas, the earliest major Buddhist cave complex in China.
Aershan National Forest and Hulunbuir Grassland
3 days / 2 nights

It鈥檚 summer on the Hulunbuir Grasslands! There are kilometer after kilometer of fields of bright yellow rapeseed flowers along the roads, and a riot of multi-colored wildflowers. After one night stay in a tented camp, drive to 10,000 + hectare Aershan National Forest Park, which is known for its dramatic volcanic landscapes, dense forests, valleys, mountaintop crater lakes, rivers, grasslands, and springs.
Harbin - Ice Lantern Festival & Snow Sculpture Expo

Go by air or overnight train to Harbin to catch the famous Snow Sculpture Exhibition and Ice Lantern Festival; appreciate the old Russian style architecture; drive into the Siberian Tiger Park.
North Xinjiang's Kanas Lake & Hemu Village

See the mysterious Kanas lake deep in the forests and mountains of Altay, near the border of Kirgistan, Mongolia and Sibiria. Then explore Hemu Village, voted 3rd most beautiful village in China and discover the Tuwa minority living at the lake.
Camping, Camel Riding, Jeep Surfing and Hiking on Mongolian Desert
4 days / 3 nights

Fishermen's life On an Island Near Dalian
3 days / 2 nights

CCC does not offer this tour arrangement anymore! This tour offers visitors the rare opportunity to experience the life and landscape of the remote fishing villages on an island in Northern China. You'll also get to visit Dalian, China's famous coastal city.
Aershan Forest Autumn Tour
3 days / 2 nights

Aershan Forest attracts many photographers in the autumn 锛坢id September through October to early November) when the colour contrasts of red and gold leaves set against the whites of birch and aspen, and the dark greens of the conifers (aspen and pine) provide the perfect backdrop to the blue, cyan and vivid greens lakes. And you can even see snow on the branches!
Crane Nature Reserve at Zhalong & Wudalianchi

CCC does not offer this tour arrangement anymore. Observe the red-crested crane and many other birds at the Zhalong Nature Reserve and enjoy the breathtaking volcano-scenery of Wudalianchi.
Snow Village, Siberian Tigers and Forest

CCC does not offer this tour arrangement anymore! The China鈥檚 Home of Snow owns the densest forest of China (in Dongbei or Manchuria) , the thickest snow deposit, and the most transparent sunshine of North China, as well as honest and hospitable tree farm workers and delicious rural meals.
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