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The Silk Road (Xinjiang & Gansu)
Camel-riding & Camping in Mongolian Desert and Jeep Surfing Sand Dunes

This journey will visit the famous pyramid-like Western XiXia tombs, then cross the border from Ningxia into Inner Mongolia desert dunes. Climbing aboard a jeep and drive up and over the shifting sand dunes - an experience of a lifetime!Camel riding over the steep dunes is another highlight!
Explore Xinjiang (from Turpan, Kashgar to Tajikistan Highland)
6 days / 5 nights

This trip will allow you to travel in the footsteps of one of the most famous travelers ever, Marco Polo. Turpan and Kashgar's vibrant oasis life will mesmerize your senses with their Middle Eastern atmosphere and colorful bazaars. Then explore the Karakuri lake fed by century-old glaciers. The trip out here from Kashgar takes travelers 200km through treeless sand dunes, past grazing camels and yaks until suddenly this dramatic and spectacular lake appears by the roadside, as if from nowhere.
The Silk Road (Dunhuang, Kashgar & Kazakh)

The Silk Road Route starts from Dunhuang's Mogao Grottos in Gansu, fly to Xinjiang to explore Kashgar, the heart of Chinese Islam and drive to Karakuri Lake and Snow Mountains.
Explore Gansu (Dunhuang, Jiayuguan Pass, Xiahe and Lanzhou)
5 days / 4 nights

Explore the famous fort of the Great Wall at its western end in the Gobi dessert and Dunhang 鈥淭housand Buddha Grottoes鈥 with paintings from a period ranging over ten dynasties. Then fly to Xiahe for Tibetan areas & famous Labrang Monastery
Tibetan Gannan (Xiahe's Labrang & Langmu Monasteries)

We explore the small town of Langmusi in Gansu, an ideal destination for the backpackers, quiet and picturesque; and visit Xiahe, a tiny, bustling town nestles in a mountain valley of Tibetan prefecture of Gansu, where bent and walnut-visaged Tibetan pilgrims make you welcome on the 3km circuit around the famous Labrang monastery's perimeter.
In-depth Silk Road Journey (Xinjiang's Kashgar, Kucha and Takalamakan Desert)

Visit the famous Kashgar and Kucha, two largest Uigur and muslim community cities of Xinjiang and experience the Taklamakan, China's largest desert; and visit the Grotto of Thousand Buddhas, the earliest major Buddhist cave complex in China.
North Xinjiang's Kanas Lake & Hemu Village

See the mysterious Kanas lake deep in the forests and mountains of Altay, near the border of Kirgistan, Mongolia and Sibiria. Then explore Hemu Village, voted 3rd most beautiful village in China and discover the Tuwa minority living at the lake.
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