• In the north of Jianxi province, close to Hubei and Anhui lies the famous Mounttain Lushan. It is one of the favourite mountains of Mao and Li Bai (most famous Tang Poet). After 1949, it became a favoured meeting place for the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Lushan was Listed by UNESCO as world Heritage site in 1996. Lushan has China's first botanic garden, rich plants species and 95% of total China's white crane and 17l categories of birds.

    The Lushan Botanical Garen, set up in 1934,is an imponant base for the protection and migration of plants species in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangze river. There are 17l categories of birds.Over l million migratory birds(receiving state protection)spend every winter in Poyang Lake, among which the white crane is the largest flock of gregarious birds, making up 95% of the total white crane population in the world.






  • Lushan is a famous summer retreat

  • Suggested Itinerary

    Day 1   Depart for Jiujiang

    Depart from Beijing: by overnight train: soft-sleeper (20:30-08:26)
    Depart from Shanghai: fly to Nanchang in the afternoon (16:10--17:20) and stay in Nanchang.
    If you go from other locale, we will check the available flights from your locale to Nanchang.

    Day 2  Lushan
    Visit Jiujiang Bridge over Yangtze River then drive to Lushan Scenic Spot to visit Embracing Lake Poyang Archway and Five Ancient Peaks. After Lunch, tour Three Ancient Trees and the Lulin Lake as well as Villa Areas, which used to be summer rest-station for the large foreign summer community.

    Day 3  Lushan / Fly out
    Continue to view other scenery of the Lu Shan, including the Brocade Valley and Immortal Cave.
    Visit Bailu Dong Academy, which was founded by a prolific Neo-Confucian scholar in Dong Dynasty. Here students listened to lectures given by the master who introduced metaphysical aspects to the Confucian ethical discourse.   Transfer to the airport for flight
    Nanchang-Beijing: MU5175   18:15-20:40  (dinner is excluded, available on the plane)
    Nanchang-Shanghai: MU5566  18:10-19:20  (dinner is excluded, available on the plane)

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