• If you travel to Shandong, at the northern coast of China, in Qufu and Taishan Mountain you have possibility to pay a visit to this "sacred city" of the East, and one of China's most famous historic cultural cities. It is the birthplace of Confucius, the famous philosopher and educator. It is also where Confucius taught, where he was buried in 479 BC, and where sacrifices are still offered to him.
    Mencius, another famous thinker, educator and pupil of Confucius, was born in Zou Cheng, one hour's drive from Qufu. You can see the famous residence of Confucius, the Confucius Temple, and the Confucius Forest, which were put on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1994. In Mencius' hometown, an unspoiled peaceful place, with Mencius' Residence and Temple.

    Taishan Mountain is one of the nation's five "holiest" mountains. This is also one of the most interesting mountains in terms of history; long the vantage point for emperors to take pride in surveying their vast empires. The numerous temples and pavilions dotted about the slopes there are testament to this royal patronage

  • Suggested Itinerary

    Day 1:  High-speed train to Tai'an at night

    • Beijing departure: Beijing to Tai An by high-speed train  D351(18:18 - 20:56) 
    • Shanghai departure: Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station - Tai An  16:53-20:29  or 18:24-21:40
    • Other locales: we welcome those to join us from other locales and meet us in Tai An.
    • Transfer to hotel and stay overnight.

    Day 2:  Tai An / Mount Taishan

    • Visit Daimiao Temple in Tai An.
    • Drive to Mount Taishan scenic area, take cable car up to the South Gate to Heaven close to the summit to enjoy the splandid landscape.
    • Climb up along the steps for about 20 minutes to the very top of the mountain and tour the summit temple and take a bird-eye view of entire Taishan scenic area.
    • Enjoy Mount. Taishan for the whole afternoon and the sunset.
    • Stay overnight in the hotel on the summit.

    Day 3:  Taishan / Qufu (Confucius hometown) /Zoucheng (Mencius Hometown)  / leave Qufu by high-speed train

    • Watch the sunrise in the early morning.
    • Breakfast and take cable car / or walk down the mountain along the steps.
    • Drive to Qufu, hometown of Confucius, to visit the Confucius Temple and famous Residence of Confucius - huge palace compound.
    • After lunch, tour the Confucius' Forest, which are the huge graveyard site where over 70 generations of Confucius family members were buried.
    • Drive 40 minutes to Zoucheng, hometown of another great ancient thinker Mencius. Visit his former residence and Temple dedicated to him.
    • Transfer to Qufu train station and leave Qufu.

      Qufu - Beijing South Train Station 18:43-20:48
      Qufu - Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station 18:24-21:40

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