• Suggest itinerary

    Day 1 Beijing / Anyang

    • Take a bullet train in the early morning to Anyang.
    • After lunch, check into your hotel; then visit Yin Xu Museum.
    • Stay overnight in Anyang.
    • Stroll around the night market near the Drum Tower.(added)

    DAY 2: Anyang / Zhengzhou

    • Breakfast at the hotel and check out.
    • Explore Youli City, where China’s oldest prison was located, also the birth place of I Ching.
    • Drive to Kaifeng, visit Xiangguosi Temple and Ancient Walls. Xin Xiang city,
    • Enjoy the "Bucket Chicken" for dinner.
    • Take a Pedi cab tour around Kaifeng City and appreciate the night scene of Kaifeng.
    • Enjoy a casual walk at Drum Tower night market.
    • Stay over night in Kaifeng.

    DAY 3: Kaifeng/Shaolin Temple

    • Breakfast at the hotel and check out.
    • Visit Henan Provincial Museum.
    • Drive to Dengfeng, visit Dengfeng Observatory.
    • Stay over night at Shaolin Temple.

    DAY 4: Kaifeng / Dengfeng / Luoyang

    • Breakfast at the hotel and check out.
    • Visit Shaolin Temple and the Pagoda Forest, watch the Kungfu performance by the monks.
    • Taste Shaolin vegetarian food for lunch.
    • Drive to Dengfeng, to visit the Kungfu School, including the students’ cafeteria, dorm room and the Kungfu practice room. And then learn Kungfu there. 
    • Transfer to Luoyang and check in your hotel.

    DAY 5: Luoyang /Gongyi / Luoyang

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Drive to Gongyi for the Northern Song or Earlier Song Dynasty’s Imperial Tombs.
    • Explore the grottos of Northern Wei Dynasty.
    • Tour Kang’s Manor, a representation of Henan magnet’s residence.
    • Drive back to Luoyang and have lunch.
    • Visit the White Horse Temple, the very first temple built in China after Buddhism was introduced from India.
    • Stay another night in Luoyang.

    DAY 6: Luoyang / Leaving Luoyang

    • Breakfast at the hotel and check out
    • Visit Longmen Grottoes, one of the 4 most famous Buddhist grottoes in China with over one hundred thousand Buddha figures carved in more than twenty three hundred niches on a hill.
    • Drive to Nanshishan Village that is famous for making tri-coloured glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty. Explore the workshops and see the pottery techniques.
    • Stroll around Luoyang City and enjoy some free time.
    • Transfer to the train station and take an overnight train back to Beijing

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