• Experience the calm and total peace of life as practiced by Zen Buddhism and Taoist Wellness (health cultivation) in the seclusion of our courtyard retreat in the outskirts of Beijing. Our Zen and Taoist master will show you how to dissolve stress from your life through continuous meditation and Taoist wellness practices such as Taichi and qigong as you spend a weekend or holiday without talking or any modern distractions. Enjoy the simple pleasure of vegetarian Buddhist meals while you spend your days in silent contemplation, walking, or even hiking the hills.

    The Zen and Taoist Qigong masters all reverted in his/her local community for his/her amazing results. Their qigong, Taichi, meditation and other wellness skills are very traditional and outside official institutions set by the government.

    Book a full-day suburb retreat or overnight (or more) Zen and Taoism immersion with us, it is a journey of self-discovery, energy accumulation and enhangcement and gaining insight into the teachings and practices of Zen and Taoism.

  • About the Master

    Paul Wang, a layman Buddhist practitioner, has studied and practiced Zen for over ten years, and has been teaching Zen meditation at the Live Zen Center (operated by the China Culture Center) for over five years. He started and benefited a lot from South-east Asian Insight Meditation according to the lineage of venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, and received the Zen teaching from venerable Master XingPo, who is one of the head master of CaoXi school, and take the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism from venerable Master GaZang, who is the head master of one of the most important Tibetan Temples. Through continuous practicing and teaching, he gradually worked out a set of practical methods on mediation by combining these three systems. He gives Zen coaching and philosophical teaching tailored to personal differences and individual needs. He teaches students how to build links between Zen practice and daily life.

  • Suggested Itinerary:

    Day one:  Drive to the mountain in the evening

    • Board the bus at the CCC to the Red Conch Mountain
    • On the bus practice riding meditation C mindfulness on riding
    • Check in at courtyard hotel by mountain
    • Dinner and Zen walking  (walk to restaurant and walk back with meditation
    • Zen retreat & practice introduction
    • Zen talk and practice - sitting and lying meditation
    • Zen sleepinglights-off signaled by the beating of the board at 9:45pm

    Day Two:  Immersion Zen practice and talk

    • No-speaking for whole day except Zen talk time and meal time (some cards are prepared for necessary communication
    • Get up at 6:00am and gather at 6:30am in the yard for Zen warm-up
    • Breakfast
    • Brief break
    • Zen practice and Zen talk in the Zen room
    • Lunch and nap
    • Zen practice again in the afternoon
    • Dinner
    • Zen practice
    • Zen sleepinglights-off board beating at 9:45pm

    Day Three: Zen practice and mountain-climbing / return to Beijing

    • Get up at 6:00am and Zen exerices in the yard
    • -Breakfast
    • Climb up mountain (visiting Red Conch Temple - Zen walking C worship senior monk's relic C knock at bell)
    • Lunch & nap
    • Gather in yard for Zen walking and standing.
    • Zen retreat closing (master' s review and participants' feedback)
    • Return to the center of Beijing.

    * the detailed schedule will be made after contact with hotel and restaurant.

    Rules on CCC's  Zen Retreat
    1. no-speaking except during Zen talk time, mealtime and necessary communication on residence affairs.
    2. no watching TV or reading magazine / books.
    3. mobile phone off
    4. get-up and sleep on time according to schedule and board beating
    5. gather on time
    6. keeping the room tidy is part of Zen practice
    7.  Wear soft and loose trousers, clothes with long sleeves, no bare feet. Recommend bringing a thick sweater and hat.

  • CCC Travel does not offer regular set packages for this tour. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check non-negotiable fixed prices and propose a date for your own group. Please note that we do not create a private tour and then make it available for individual people to join. We also do not contact other people to add to a group tour. Similarly, we can create custom-made private journeys for you and your family or friends or co-workers at set-prices.