• Guizhou of Southwest China has long been remote, stagnant and backward, however, unspoiled by tourism development as seen in surrounding provinces such as Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan. Its relative isolation has made the region one of the best kept secrets in China; its stunning landscape, characterized by limestone karst hills, jagged peaks and terraced rice fields, as well as its colorful ethnic minority cultures that have made Guizhou a paradise for anthropologists, photographers and adventurous travelers.

    This tour will cover the highlights of western Guizhou (waterfall, Karst landscape and Old Han Chinese villages) and the southwestern Guizhou Miao ethnic villages in the mountains and valleys of Yungui Plateau - stunning landscapes and terraced rice fields, as well as its colorful ethnic minority cultures)

  • * See Asia’s largest and most beautiful waterfall-Huangguoshu Waterfall
    * Explore Tunpu villages - unique stone walls and tiles and towers) and Old Han (Chinese) ethnic group.
    * Stunning landscapes and terraced rice fields, as well as its colorful ethnic minority cultures in Southeast Guizhou

  • Suggested itinerary

    Day 1: Fly to Guiyang / Anshun 

    • Beijing departure: Beijing -- Guiyang by air about 09:00--12:00
    • Shanghai departure: Shanghai Hongqiao -- Guiyang by air about 09:05--11:30.
    • Other locales: we welcome those to join us from other locales and meet us in Guiyang.
    • Take morning flight to Guiyang, capital of Guizhou, have lunch, then drive 2 hours until we arrive at Huangguoshu Waterfall. 
    • Then we transfer to an Old Han village to explore the remaining culture of the old Han (Chinese) ethnic group.
    • The ancestors of these villagers migrated from Jiangxi Province to Guizhou Province in the Ming Dynasty. Women here are still dressed in traditional Ming dynasty costumes, and houses remain faithful to the Ming architectural styles.
    • Do a moderate hike from the village through the peddy field to another Old Han village.
    • Return to Anshun, check in 4-star hotel, stay overnight in Anshun.
    • (L) (4-star hotel)

    Day 2:  Anshun / Liuzhi / Guiyang

    • Today's program highlights the Long-horn Miao people.
    • Drive around 2 hours via Liuzhi to Longga area, where CCC skips the touristy village but guides you to some hidden villages, where you will still find authentic long-horn Miao, a very unique tribe of Miao with only few thousand people, living in about a dozen very remote villages.
    • Visit their homes and see the women weaving and tying their hair-do with horn, wools and long hairs passed down by their grandmas and mums.
    • Drive back to Anshun, and then Guiyang.
    • Stay overnight in Guiyang.
    • (B, L) (4-star hotel)

    Day 3:  Guiyang / Kaili / Miao Village Homestay

    • Drive to Kaili, capital of Southeast Guizhou Ethnic Regions.
    • Another 40 minutes drive from Kaili, arrive at a Zhouxi Miao Ethnic village nested on the rice terrace, where the local villagers are weaving on their looms or hand-weave threads into colorful fabric.
    • Then head to another village for paper-making workshop in a huge cave. The workers are making rice paper for traditional scroll painting or special paper for trade marks.
    • Drive to a Long-skirt Miao village and stay overnight in a village man's wooden building to gain a real experience of the local life and village scenery within the rice terrace.
    • CCC arranges clean bedding in the local wooden houses - two beds in a room; western sitting style toilets and showers are available in the wooden building.
    • (B, L, D) (4-star hotel)

    Day 4: Kaili / hike across the rice terrace hill from one Miao Village to another / Miao Village Stay Overnight

    • Drive 1.5 hours to have a 2-3 hours moderate hike from one Miao village to another by climbing cross the rice terrace hill along the paddy path (some section of the trail is steep).
    • Walk around in this Long-skirt Miao people's villages (Men wear long-skirts in this village). Visit their hundred-year old traditional granary and listen to their old folk sing-along.
    • (B, L, D) (Home stay in village)

    Day 5: Miao Village / Guiyang / fly out

    • Visit a famous Miao traditional musical instrument master's studio and watch him making lusheng - traditional Chinese musical instrument with multiple bamboo pipes.
    • Explore special Miao villages for short-skirt Miao people and their unique granary on water.
    • Have lunch.
    • Drive 3.5 hours to Guiyang.
    • Transfer to Guiyang Airport and fly out. 
      (Breakfast, lunch included)
    •  (B, L) 

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