• This is an easy overnight excursion to Qinhuangdao, Northeastern Hebei province. Take fast-speed train (2 hours) to the famous spot of the city - Shanhaiguan Pass to see the Old Dragon Head, the eastern end of the Great Wall going into the beach, and the First Pass Under Heaven. After an overnight in a hotel by the beach, head to Zushan Mountain Ranges next morning, walk and hike in the beautiful national forest park, which is dubbed as the "little Yellow Mountain" in the north. Return to Beijing in the afternoon by fast-speed train.

  • Qinhuangdao (秦皇岛) is a port city and prefecture-level city in northeastern Hebei province, People's Republic of China. It is about 300 km (190 mi) east of Beijing, on the Bohai Sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea, and borders Tangshan to the southwest, Chengde to the northwest, and Liaoning province to the northeast.  It is a popular tourist city for local Chinese, Russians and some Japanese and Koreans. Qinhuangdao has little in the way of things to see and places to visit. Most visitors who come tend to spend their time at the beaches.

    ShanHai Guan / Shanhai Pass (山海关)

    is a part of the city of Qinhuangdao in Hebei province. It literally means "The Pass of Mountain and Sea". Built in 1381 in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Shanhaiguan is a town situated in the northeast of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. It adjoins the Bohai Sea to the southeast and the Yanshan Mountain to the northwest. The city wall of Shanhaiguan is still well-preserved. While the Shanhai Pass of Great Wall is now the main entrance to the town, in the Ming Dynasty the area to the north of Shanhaiguan was not Chinese territory. Following the complex physical features of this area, the northern area was once part of the defensive system of the Great Wall.  

    Old Dragon Head (老龙头) At Shanhaiguan, the Great Wall juts out into the sea. The original wall is long gone, but an extensive rebuilt section has been put up. 

    First Pass under Heaven (天下第一关), (East of the Drum Tower in the center of the old town). The area between the sea and the mountains at Shanhaiguan is called the "First Pass under Heaven", being the place where the Ming dynasty Great Wall began. Guarding the pass is the city of Shanhaiguan, with its (restored) east gate marking the main road through the pass. You can see the tower guarding the gate and, depending on choice of ticket, various exhibitions or take a walk along the city walls. From Y50 depending on choice of attractions. 

    Shanhaiguan Fortifications. The walls of the old city of Shanhaiguan can essentially be considered part of the Great Wall, the whole city originally being built as a wall fortification to guard the pass between the mountains and the sea. The walls of Shanhaiguan are square, with a perimeter of around 4 kilometers in length. The walls reach the heigh of 14 meters, and are 7 meters thick. The east, south and north sides of the fortification are surrounded by a moat 3 meters deep and 5 meters wide. There are drawbridges to get over the moat.  The other sides of the city have gates as well, but these have been rebuilt in the past 30 years, the original buildings long gone.

    Zu Shan Mountain – “Little  Yellow Mountain”

    Located in Qinglong County of Qinhuangdao City, Zu Shan is literally the ancestral mountain in Hebei. All the peaks on the  north of Bohai Bay and east of Yanshan Mountains are actually the branches of Zu Shan Mountain range. west of Qinhuangdao of Hebei province. The Zushan mountain ranges have more than 20 peaks that soar more than 1,000 m and the main peak "Heavenly Goddess Peak" stands 1,424 m above sea level, just  a bit shorter than the famous Mountain Taishan in Shandong. On the summit of Tiannv Peak, you can see the Great Wall on the west, mountains on the east and sailing boats on the south. Dubbed as the little Yellow Mountain, the area is well known for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly shaped granite peaks, trees and flowers, and views of the clouds from above.

    The magnolia bloom from middle June to middle July,

  • * Visit Shanhaiguan's Old Dragon Head - the eastern end of the Great Wall.
    * Hike the Zushan Mountain and enjoy the magnolia blossom.

  • * Mid June to Mid July is the best time for the Magnolia blossom; Autumn is beautiful in Zushan Mountain area. Summer is hot, humid and crowded with local tourists.

  • Suggested Itinerary for a private custom-made tour:

    Day 1: Beijing/ Qinhuangdao & Shanhaiguan Pass & Great Wall / the beach

    • Take the morning fast-speed train (7:30-10:08) from Beijing central Train Station to Qinhuangdao.
    • Visit Shanhaiguan Fortress, a Ming Dynasty military fortress near the east end of the Great Wall
    • Visit Laolongtou, the east end of the Great Wall built along the coast that stretches into the sea
    • Lunch and check in Holiday Inn hotel.
    • You can enjoy the private beach area in front of the hotel and the swimming pool in the hotel. 
      Optionaly, visit Zongbingfu, the former General’s Mansion.
    • Dinner and stay overnight in Qinhuangdao.
      (L, D)

    Day 2: Qinhuangdao/ Zushan Mountain/ Beijing

    • Breakfast, take a walk along the beach.
    • Check-out and drive to Zushan Mountain, a secluded national forest park
    • Light hiking along the paths in the forest to the peak of Zushan
    • Lunch.
    • Walk along the trail in the forest that leads you down hills
    • Drive back to Qinhuangdao to catch the train back to Beijing.
    • ( B, L )

    Family Tour Options:

    You can visit the safari  style zoon in Qinhuangdao instead of the General Mansion on the first day afternoon; or have fun on the beach for the first day afternoon and second day morning and skip Mountain Zushan.

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