• As a porcelain Capital of China, Jingdezhen, in northeast Xiangxi, has a population of 290,000. Jingdezhen is especially famous for its manufacture of porcelain and is known as the Porcelain Capital of China. Jingdezhen has a history of porcelain-making that goes back more than 1,000 years. In as early as the Sui and Tang Dynasties, porcelain-making here was already well-known, and the porcelain products are described as Jade-like wares. Jingdezhen has also become a tourist attraction. Many spots to visit are connected with the porcelain-making, such as the Museum of Ceramic History, the Ancient Hutian Kiln Site, and various porcelain factories.

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  • Suggested  Itinerary 
    Day 1   Fly into Jingdezhen city, Jiangxi Province, check into hotel, dinner.
    Day 2 Visit the Ceramic Folklore Museum – huge theme park with ancient imperial kilns and porcelain workshops; Enjoy a spicy lunch at a local Jiangxi restaurant; Get your hands dirty at a contemporary ceramics studio with a hands-on pottery workshop; Go on a gentle hike to the Dragon Pavilion overlooking the city. After dinner, visit Tao Xi Chuan District (a ceramic version of 798 art district in Beijing) where contemporary ceramics students display their latest creations in the factory-converted workshops.
    Day 3  Attend the bustling Saturday morning porcelain market where locals and students will show their masterpieces; then head to the suburb to explore the nature and villages of Jiangxi and Jingdezhen - hike Gaoling Mountain in the suburb (one hour’s drive from the city) where well-known kaolin clay was originally found; Enjoy lunch in a village restaurant; Visit Dongbu Village, an ancient river town that once prospered from the porcelain trade. Transfer to airport and fly out.