• Suggested Itinerary

    Day 1 Pedicab Hutong+Tian'an Men Square+Forbidden City
    We take a pedicab tour through Beijing's traditional alleyways (or hutong). The hutongs reflect the culture of grassroots Beijingers. The hutong are residential neighborhoods that still form the heart of Old Beijing. The fast-disappearing hutongs, traditional residences (courtyard houses) of the Beijing people, display architectural adornments that address their owner's social status. We visit a local family and understand their life style and culture.
    Lunch in a traditional Beijing style Restaurant while be treated to a performance of shadow puppetry, one of China's oldest performance arts.
    Walk through the Tian'an Men Square, the largest City Square in the world.

    After strolling across Tiananmen Square, you will walk through the Forbidden City - a monumental palace complex containing huge compound and the various rooms. It is where the Emperors of China resided for close to 600 years.

    Day 2 Great Wall Mutianyu+ Olympic Venues
    Drive to the suburb area to mount the  Great Wall Mutianyu of China and spend  2-3 hours on the Great Wall.
    Have lunch at the foot of the Great Wall at a farmer's restaurant. Authentic rural specialty: barbecued trout, chicken and chestnut and various types of vegetables.
    You will return to Beijing in the afternoon and visit the Olympic Venues (Bird's Nest, Water Cube, etc.) Your child/children will be given colourful hand-made Beijing style kites, and fly kites around the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.
    Savoring Peking Roast Duck for dinner and then watch spectacular Shaolin Monk Kungfu Performance.

    Day 3 Temple of Heaven +Taichi+Summer Palace
    This day begins with visiting one of ancient China's most sacred sites, the Temple of Heaven, used by the Emperor as a place to mediate affairs between God and man. Its beautiful architecture is now the symbol of China Tourism.
    Learn taichi in the park!

    In the afternoon, tour the delightful Summer Palace, a retreat built exclusively for the Empress Dowager Cixi; it is mainly dominated by Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake. It covers an expanse of 2.9 square kilometers, three quarters of which is water. Pavilions and covered corridors and gardens set amidst graceful landscape. You will glide along the lake on a traditional dragon boat . Dinner and return to hotel. 

    Day 4 Beijing Zoo- Panda bears + boating and dumpling around the Houhai Lake
    This morning, we will visit the Beijing Zoo to see one of China's greatest treasures - panda bears.
    Later in the day, you will visit beautiful houhai lake area in the heart of Beijing. Ride pedicab and get lost in the fast-disappearing alleyways (hutongs); then visit a local home in the traditional courtyard home and learn making dumplings and dine in the home. After dinner, you will have a boat ride (small wooden canopy boat) on the famous houhai lake area. Accompanied by the soothing music played by a lady on boat, you will enjoy the breeze and beauty of the night scene.

    Note:  The scenic spots and cultural programs are optional, please select the places and activities in the above mentioned itinerary and let us to arrange a 1 to 4 days family experience in Beijing!

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