• Sichuan, in the southeast of Tibet, hosts several UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites. One of them is the Leshan Giant Buddha Statue, the largest Buddha statue carved into a mountain in the world. It is over 71m high and there is enough space for more than 100 people to sit between its feet.

    Emei Shan is a mountain in Sichuan province of Western China, 143km (89 miles) SW of Chengdu, 36km (22 miles) E of Mount Le Shan. Mt. Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. The patron bodhisattva of Emei is Samantabhadra, known in Chinese as Puxian. 16th and 17th century sources allude to the practice of martial arts in the monasteries of Mount Emei made the earliest extant reference to the Shaolin Monastery as Chinese boxing's place of origin. Mt. Emei was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

    Great spectacles of Mount Emei include the sunrise and Clouds Sea seen from the Golden Summit of the mountain. The sunrise is very varied, but optimally begins with the ground and sky being in the same dark purple, soon showing rosy clouds, followed by a bright purple arc and then a semicircle where the sun is coming up.

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  • * Meet the panda at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu
    * Go to the top to view the largest Buddha statue carved in the mountain in the world.
    * Try the authentic Sichuan food in Chengdu.
    * Watching the sunrise from the summit
    * Standing in the Cloud Sea. Like many a Chinese mountain, Emei is famous for its clouds and mists. The classic experience happens when layers of clouds gather. You see the clouds above, climb through them, then look down to see clouds billowing and surging at your feet like the sea. Of course, conditions aren't always right.
    * Witnessing Buddha's Halo. When the sun shines through misty clouds, and you're standing between the clouds and the sun, you can see your shadow outlined by a halo-shaped rainbow.
    * Seeing the "Strange Lamps" (Guai Deng). Photos and witnesses are both scarce, but supposedly in the evening when the moon is waning, especially after it has rained and the sky has cleared, those looking down from Sheshen Yan at the layers of mountains in the distance can see thousands of floating orbs of light.

  • Suggested itinerary

    Day 1  Fly into Chengdu / Panda Reserve 
    Beijing departure:  Fly to Chengdu at around 08:30 - 11:00;
    Shanghai departure: Fly to Chengdu  around 08:30 - 11:00;
    Other locales: we welcome those to join us from other locales and meet us in Chengdu.

    • Transfer from airport to hotel. Have lunch in the famous Chengdu snack restaurant.
    • Drive to Chengdu's Panda Reserve. There are more than 20-30 pandas (adults and babies) in the reserve. Watch them eat, sleep, play, and walk around in relative close proximity. Holding a panda or standing beside and taking a close-up picture with them will be additionally charged.
    • Return to Chengdu and enjoy authentic Sichuan dinner and Sichuan opera, variety show and magical face-changing performance.
    • Stay overnight in Chengdu.

      Charges for holding and taking photos with pandas: The money paid is a donation for the reserve; photos must be taken with your own camera.
      -RMB 1000/person for holding and playing a 6-8 month old panda
      -RMB500 for taking a photo while standing behind pandas over 1 years old (no holding or touching)

    Day 2   Chengdu / Leshan Giant Buddha

    • Visit the city park where you will see local Chengdu people drinking tea at the outdoor or indoor tea houses, and playing Mahjong, or fishing, singing and dancing.
      Sichuan province is the only place where teahouses still play a major role in people's daily life. Bamboo chairs, square tables, calligraphies provide pleasant environments where people relax and chit-chat.
    • Drive to Leshan City by coach (2 hours) to see Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest carved stone Buddha in the world.
    • Have lunch and take a boat to the river in front of the mountain where the Buddha was carved into the cliff and view the huge Buddha on boat at the foot of the mountain.
    • Climb up the mountain to see the Buddha in different perspectives from the top.
    • Stay overnight in hotel at Leshan.

    Day 3  Leshan / Mount Emei 

    • Early in the morning take coach to Mount Emei.
    • Arrive at the parking lot of the mountain scenic area and take the cable car to the Golden Summit - 3099 meters which has luxuriant green vistas stretching out below your feet.
    • Check in at the Hotel on Golden Summit.
    • Sightseeing at Huazang Temple at 3,077 meters above sea level on top of the Golden Summit of Mt. Emei.
      The temple was constructed during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
    • Free leisure time and stay overnight in E'mei Golden Summit

    Day 4 :  Mount Emei / Chengdu / Fly Out

    • Take an eco-tourism coach down to the base of Wannian Temple
    • Take cable car up to visit Wannian Temple, located halfway up the mountain.
      The temple was initially built in 420 AD by Emperor Shenzong of the Ming Dynasty who wished to celebrate his mother's birthday. It is the main ritual place of the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. Inside the Mongolian, tent-shaped, beamless brick hall is a 7.3 meter statue of Samantabhadra sitting on an elephant, which was cast in Chengdu in 980 during the Song Dynasty and weighs 62,000 kg.
    • Then we will continue to walk down to the Qingyinge and the Monkey areas (approximately 2 hours walking). Qingyinge, which means "Pure Sound Pavilion", was so named because of the musical rushing of water around the outcrop of rock on which it is built.  Drive back to Chengdu in the evening and transfer to the airport.

      Chengdu - Beijing CA4119 (18: 00-20:30)
      Chengdu - Shanghai  Pudong FM954419:00-21:30

  • CCC Travel does not offer regular set packages for this tour. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check non-negotiable fixed prices and propose a date for your own group. Please note that we do not create a private tour and then make it available for individual people to join. We also do not contact other people to add to a group tour. Similarly, we can create custom-made private journeys for you and your family or friends or co-workers at set-prices.
  •  Beijing departure:   RMB10,300/per person/2-5 persons
                                        RMB8,400/per person/6-9 persons

    Shanghai departure:   RMB10,700/per person/2-5 persons
                                            RMB8,800/per person/6-9 persons

    The price includes:
    --round flights Beijing/Shanghai-Chengdu
    --1 night accommodation in 5-star hotel, one night in 4 start hotel and one night in the hotel on the summit of Mount Emei.
    --transfers in customary air conditioned coach.
    --entrance fee for all sights mentioned in the program
    --all sightseeing and transfers with a CCC tour leader & one local English-speaking tour guide
    --All meals during the trip except 1 dinners on the plane
    --Gratuities to the guide and driver
    --Local travel insurance

    Note: The stated prices are based on dual-occupancy rooms and economy-class flights. These prices may change based on your dates of travel, the number of people in your party, and any specific requirements you may have.