• This is a daytrip of two of China' s most famous World Heritage Sites: the Great Wall and the Imperial Ming Tombs (or make the long day shorter by skipping the Ming Tombs). You'll visit the over 500 years imperial Ming Tomb sites in the suburb of Beijing in the morning, then head to Mutianyu Section of Great Wall. Before we begin our ascent, we’ll stop for lunch at a Chinese restaurant near the base of Mutianyu. Then, it takes a 40-minute hike along the Wall's steps or a 5-minute cable car ride from the foot of the mountain to the top. However, be aware that the Wall itself also requires hiking up and down from one section to another if you wish to see several watchtowers and viewpoints. Along the way, CCC's English-speaking guide will illuminate aspects of both sites' history, architecture, and custom.

    Mutianyu requires a more rigorous climb than Badaling, but the views are worth it. A cable car service (additional cost) will bring you to the top, and you have the option to descend by foot, by cable car (additional cost), or even by an exhilarating toboggan ride (additional cost).

    Your residence or hotel pick-up and drop-off services are available for your private custom-made tour.

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    It is convenient to get to the Wall from CCC because we're located near the 4th Ring Road Jingcheng expressway, which links the city center to all different sections of the Great Wall in a northern suburb of Beijing. We suggest you bringing a printed CCC map with you when coming to our office in case you need assistance with directions.

    Please note that the traffic of Beijing is very busy during rush hours (7:30-9:30am) Monday to Friday. If you' re staying in a hotel in the very center of Beijing within the 2nd Ring Road  (e.g. Wangfujing area), then you may need over 1 or even 1.5 hours to take a cab to CCC (The ride takes about 30-40 minutes during non-busy hours).

    Confirmation and Cancellation:

    CCC policy requires that you must confirm your attendance on this tour 24 hours before departure. If we do not get final confirmation from you, either by phone or by email, your place on the tour may be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding and support and look forward to seeing you on the tour, especially if it’s your first time in China!

    CCC reserves the right to cancel tours in response to low enrollment during the off-peak (winter) season or any other unpredictable issues. In such event, we will notify you no later than 48 hours prior to the departure.

    More about the attractions

    The Ming Tombs

    Located 60 Kilometers north of Beijing, this well-preserved imperial tomb complex consists of the mausoleums of 13 Ming emperors and over 500 years of history. We’ll begin our tour by taking a 30-minute walk along the imperial Sacred (or Spirit) Way, the highlight of the tomb visit. The serenely beautiful approach leading to the tomb complex is lined with willow trees and stone figure carvings.

    After crossing the Sacred Way, we’ll make our way to the Changling Tomb, the first tomb to be constructed, begun in 1409 and completed in 1427. While Dingling is the only tomb that opens to the underground grave, nothing remains there except some coffin reproductions. So we’ll bring you to Changling, which features extraordinary palace halls, courtyards, and willow trees. In addition, many unearthed artifacts are exhibited in the Changling Tomb.

    Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall

    Mutianyu is an ideal section of the Great Wall if you’re looking for a half-day tour to the Wall with moderate hiking. Other portions of the Wall like Simatai,  Jinshanling and Jiankou are far from the center of Beijing, too "wild," and more physically challenging, while the Badaling and Juyongguan sections are too crowded and commercial.Situated in Huairou County, 72 km northeast of Beijing, Mutianyu Great Wall has been preserved intact. The Mutianyu section is not as crowded as Badaling, making its scenic views that much more breathtaking, and vegetation and fruit trees abound.

    This three- kilometer stretch of the Wall has 25 beacon towers, watchtowers, and lodging houses. The construction here required the largest number of laborers to complete, and as you’ll soon discover, they produced work of extremely high quality.

  • * The Mutianyu section is not as crowded as Badaling, making its scenic views that much more breathtaking, and vegetation and fruit trees abound.
    * Walk along the imperial Sacred (or Spirit) Way - a serenely beautiful approach leading to the Ming Tomb complex, which is lined with willow trees and stone figure carvings.

  • All seasons. Of course the Spring and Autumn are the best.

  • Insurance: We suggest you to purchase local travel insurance for this tour if you have no insurance while in China. Please let us know your personal details (full name, passport number and date of birth) 48 hours prior to the tour departure if you are interested. Should you not subscribe to this option, CCC will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents which may occur during the trip.

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    RMB 520 /per person for a group of 9 and more.

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    0-4 years old for free
    5-7 years old have 50% off
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    CCC services include:
    * CCC's own experienced English speaking guide
    * Transfers in customary air conditioned coaches
    * Meals mentioned in the above description
    * soft drinks and snack
    * Entrance fee for all sights mentioned in the program
    * Local travel insurance (Insurance can be arranged for you without additional cost.
    Please get in touch well in advance with all details of your travelers from official names, country to passport numbers, etc. if you would like to have your insurance, it usually takes at least two working days to organize.)

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