• If you think about a budget Mongolian grassland tour while enjoying similar prairies, forest and mountains. Then Saihanba is the one. Located on the border between Heibei and Inner Mongolia, it offers on its Hebei side the rolling mountains, dense forest of larch, birch, aspen, pine, and numerous wildflowers; and Inner Mongolian side the grassland carpeted with bright yellow rapeseed flowers (in July) and multi-colour wildflowers (July and August), and stunning autumn forest scene.

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  • * Enjoy a stay in a yurt (tented camp), surrounded by the grasslands, large herds of sheep and cows, flowing rivers and wide, blue skies.
    * Come see bright yellow rapeseed flowers and multi-colour wildflowers on the grassland and along the roads.
    * Immerge yourself in the dense forests, valleys, rivers, grasslands and herds of sheep and horses.
    * Ride on a jeep to the deep grassland and forests to see more flora and wildlife, and dramatic landscape along the river.

  • July - August. The visit to Inner Mongolia is very short. Rest of the year are freezing.

  • Suggested Itinerary:

    Day 1 Chengdu/ Daocheng

    • Take the morning flight to Daocheng. (Airport 4410m)
    • Upon arrival, drive to Haizi Mountain(4500m) for a leisure walk, the phrase "haizi" refers to the small lakes, in large numbers, appearing in a region on the road from Litang to Daocheng (where Yading Nature Reserve is located nearby). 
    • 1km north of Sangdui along the enchanting Daocheng River. Built in 1179, it is the oldest monastery in the county. And then walk around the sand beach covered by red grass.
    • Have lunch at the Daocheng town.(3700m)
    • We continue the journey to Shangri-la Town.
    • The view on route is fantastic! The tranquil Banghe River flowing through villages, glittering which reflecting the poplar trees on the river bank, passing the Sera grassland, which is often covered with numerous flowers, herds of yaks and sheep.
    • Then we drive over the Bowa Mountain(4695m).
    • Pay a visit to the Gongalongjiling Temple, built in 1642, the temple currently has more than 300 lamas. It still houses the golden Maitreya statue bestowed by the 5th Dalai Lama.
    • Arrive at the Shangri-la Town in the late afternoon(2800m), check in the hotel and stay overnight.

    Day 2 Yading

    • After breakfast at hotel, we drive to the Yading Nature Reserve,.
    • Upon arrival, use the tram service to go into the heart of the reserve, walk a few minutes to reach the Chonggu Temple, from which you can start a 2 hours hike (6.5 km) to Luorong Pasture.(Tram service available )The view at the Luorong pasture with an elevation of 4,180 meters is just simply BREATHTAKING! It offers a majestic view of the 3 sacred mountains, lie on the three points which forms a triangle. Get ready to be awed by the presence of the sacred mountains. (Chana Dorje rises 5,958 meters on your left side; the southeast face of Mt. Chenrezig, at 6,032 metres will be on your right side. Lastly, Mt. Jampelyang’s north face, 5,958 meters, will be in front of you. The Tibetans believed that the three sacred mountains protect the Tibetan tribe in Ya Ding. If one sincerely prays to the three sacred mountains; your wish will be granted. They are also worshipped as emanations of the three Bodhisattvas of Chenrezing (Compassion), Jampayang (Wisdom) and Chanadorjee (Power).)
    • Enjoy picnic lunch here.
    • Optional: take horse ride to explore the milk lake (4600m) and the 5-coulor lake (4800m).
    • Return to the hotel and stay another night.

    Day 3 Yading/ Daocheng

    • We spend another half day to explore the Yading Natural Reserve, hike 1 hour from Chonggu Temple to the Pearl Lake, which is the best spot to awe the Mt. Xiannairi. The reflection of the peak (6,000m or so) in the lake below (at 4,000m) makes for beautiful photos.
    • Take the same way out and then drive To Daocheng County, make a stop at a Tibetan village on the way, join the local villagers making Zanba- a Tibetan snack, enjoy the buttered tea, chatting with the locals so to get an understanding of the Kangba Tibetan culture.
    • Check in the hotel at Daocheng County.

    Day 4 Daocheng/ Chengdu/ Fly out


    • Enjoy the peaceful morning by taking a walk around the charming country side around Daocheng.
    • Then take the flight back to Chengdu and then connect flight out.  

  • CCC does not offer regular set packages for this tour. However we are happy to help you plan a private custom-made one. Please scroll this web page down to check prices and propose a date and your own group.