Jingdezhen Overview

  • Jingdezhen, located in China's southeast, is Ceramics Metropolis" of china in old China. During the Sòng dynasty, Jingdézhèn came to dominate porcelain production and gained its name from a decision by the Sòng Jingdé emperor (reigned 1004-1007) to upgrade it to a town. It dominated world porcelain production for nearly 1,000 years, and via the treaty ports, to an increasingly enthusiastic European market.

    Some kilns were employed solely for the making of wares for the emperors and their officials. The first kiln site to produce white china and to use certain underglaze painting techniques, Jingdézhèn reached its peak of technical brilliance during the mid-17th to late 18th century with the gaudy full- colored enamel overglaze illustrations of famille vert and famille rose china.

What to see

  • Museum of Ceramic History

    Porcelain Museum