Guizhou is part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in China’s South. The mountainous province has little arable land, even though the climate is mild and the rainfall adequate. That doesn’t mean that the landscape is less breathtaking than its neighbor provinces’ Yunnan, Sichuan and Guangxi. It shows you green valleys, impressing waterfalls and beautiful limestone peaks and is home to China’s biggest waterfall and underground cave. Guizhou contains more than 15 minority groups that – due to the very slow modernization of this province – especially in the rural areas still live in a very traditional way. Their colorful costumes, unique houses and strong customs let one forget the modern urban China quickly. Especially during one of their numerous festivals, like the Sister’s meal festival. One of the most famous minorities are the Miao with their special costumes, hairstyles and traditions.


  • Located at southwest of China, Guizhou province is home to 17 ethnic groups and plenty of fabulous sights,
    with an area of more than 170,000 square kilometers and a population of 37,620,000.

    There is an old saying that Guizhou does not have “three feet of flat land nor three consecutive days of sunshine,
    nor any family owning three cents worth of silver”

    Situated at the northeastern part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with high terrain in the west and low relief in the middle,
    the surface of the province is rugged and rough. Towering mountains, plunging ravines and karst landforms always
    attract multitudes of visitors.

Helpful Information

  • Climate
    The highland type of subtropical monsoon climate makes the province warm and moist,
    with neither a frigid winter nor a sweltering summer. The annual average temperature there is 15°C.

    Industries in the province ranging from coal, metallurgy, chemical, machinery, electric power to cigarette,
    textile and papermaking.

    In the fields of agriculture and by-products, there is mainly paddy rice, maize, rapeseed,
    tobacco and the outputs of tung oil, oil tea,Chinese Tallow, raw lacquer, tea and traditional Chinese medicinal materials.

    Guizhou cuisine is characterized by its use of natural ingredients from the mountains. This is to be expected since
    Guizhou is a very mountainous area. Most of Guizhou dishes are sour and hot.
    There is an interesting local saying: A girl who can not cook sour soup can not find a good husband