Yangshuo Overview

  • Yangshuo is located 70mk away from Guilin in the northeast part of Guangxi province. It is featured with the typical karst terrain. It is home to Zhuang, Yao, Miao and eight other minority groups what makes a stay very special. Until the late 1980s it was nothing more than a marketplace when it became popular to visitors. It is a good base to explore the surrounding peaks and river, as well as a few caves and outlying villages.

What to see

  • The 250m long Xi Jie (West Street) runs between the highway and the Li River and is lined with restored rural architecture from the Qing dynasty. It has friendly restaurants, cafes, guesthouses and souvenir shops what makes it nice to stroll around.

    Bilian Feng and Xilang Shan are two 100m high peaks, situated close to the center of town which can be climbed. Yangshuo Gongyuan, the park which surrounds Xilang Shan (Man Hill) is a pleasant place to stroll and watch sessions of early-morning tai ji.

    Jianshan Si, the only temple in the area around Yangshuo, and the Underground Caves, that were discovered in the 1990s are other beautiful sites which make a visit to Yangshuo special..

    Yueliang Shan (Moon Hill) is the most famous of Yangshuo’s peaks. One can admire the beautiful Li River landscape and the atmosphere during the summer rains when the fields are bright green.