Yading Overview

  • Yading, in Sichuan's southwest, is one of China’s most inspiring nature reserves, Tibetan’s holy land. Its three renowned holy peaks are the patron saint of the Tibetan. It is said that if a Tibetan pilgers to the shrine three times in life, he will be blessed with all he desires. The remote area of Tibetan culture with small towns and landscapes with barley fields and Tibetan houses are a paradise for photographers and trekkers.

What to see

  • Five-colored Lake lies on a high of 4800m beneath the cliff of Chenresig’s stunning south face. It amazes its visitors by changing the color from green, light blue to deep blue upon light conditions.

    The water of the Milk Lake, a glacier-fed lake, gets its bright green color of the glacier running off from Jampelyang.

    The Pearl Lake is nestled in the beautiful upper valley of Chenresig’s north face.

    Chonggu Si (Chonggu Monastery), is a small monastery built 700 years ago, from where one can have a spectacular view of Chenresig’s north face.

    Luorong Pasture