Siguniang (Mt. Four Sisters)

Siguniang Overview

  • The Mount Four Sisters (Siguniang Shan) has four outstanding peaks, and each of those represents a girl of the four sisters. The heights are 5355m, 5455m, 5664m and 6250m, from the eldest to youngest in turn. The highest peak Yaoguniang, the youngest girl is snow-capped all year round and still remains unconquered until today.

    In 2006 Siguniang has been designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

What to see

  • Shuanqiao Gully, 34,8km, the most visited valley.

    Changping Gully, 29km

    Haizi Gully, 19,2km, is less visited by tourists. It has five lakes and has the best views of all four peaks.