Chengdu Overview

  • Chengdu is one of the famous historical cities in China. It is the gateway to the wilderness of west Sichuan and Tibet. It is famous for its laid-back life style, flavored cuisine, profound tea culture and Sichuan Opera.

What to see

  • Wenshu Yuan, is dedicated to the God of Wisdom and Sichuan’s Chan Buddhist Sect’s headquarter. The temple was founded around AD 700, but the current arrangement of five halls dates to the Ming era.

    The Yond Ling Museum shows the Tomb of Wang Jian, who died in 918. The relics include a 6m long stone platform which formed the base for a wooden sarcophagus, carved with a 22-figure female orchestra. It also hosts life-sized busts of warriors and a simple statue of Wang Jian.

    Founded in the ninth century, Qingyang Gong is Chengdu’s main Daoist temple. The most characteristic building is the Bagua Pavilion, whose stone pillars caved with over 80 dragons enclose a life-sized statue of Laozi riding his buffalo.

    Bei’s Tomb

    The Panda Breeding Center 19km northeast of Chengdu, was set up in 1987 and is one of the best places to see pandas in China.