Guangdong is situated in the southern part of China and has the longest coast line of the country. Rivers from all over the province flow through the fertile Pearl River Delta into the South China Sea. It is one of China’s most densely cultivated areas. At the confluence of the North River, East River and West River is the provincial capital city of Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton. The province has a remarkable growth and prosperity, also because of his close ties to Hong Kong. And due to the geographical distance it was able to develop industries relatively freely from central authority. But Guangzhou doesn’t only have modern sites, there are also many historical attractions and natural scenic spots. Guangdong has four famous mountains, the Danxia Mountain in the north, Xijiao Mountain at the South China Sea, Luofu Mountain in Boluo and the Dinghu Mountain in Zhaoqing. In Kaiping, away from the industrial centers, you can find extraordinary towers which are partly Portugese Gothic, and their fragments sprinkled across the county.