The Portugese once called it “Formosa” (beautiful island), the gourmets call it “Kingdom of Delicacies”, and it is widely known, that Taiwan is one of the islands with the nicest weather, a big variety of landscape and people and many other sites to see for a tourist. Lying in the subtropical ocean south of China, neighbored by Japan and the Philippines, Taiwan has no winter all year round and offers a pleasant climate for visitors. Two thirds of it are covered with high mountain ranges, the most famous of the mountains is Ali Mountain, which is also the symbol of the charming island. It is world famous for its ‘five rare sites’ including the Sunrise, the Ali Mountain Forest Railway, the Alishan Sacred Tree, the Grand Sea of Clouds and the Flamboyant Cherry Blossom. Taiwan is home to different people mainly from Fujian Province, Hakka and the local people. Like this it shows a big variety of human cultures. Its religions, architectures, languages and dining create a harmonious and prosperous atmosphere.