At an average elevation of more than 4,000m, Tibet is also called the “Roof of the World”. Situated in the west of China, some of the highest mountains of the world are located in the autonomous province. Not only the nature, but also the culture which is almost completely influenced by Buddhism is unique to be seen. Splendid monasteries, vivid murals and sculptures and solemn stupas, built to worship the unparalleled Buddha, can be found everywhere. Lhasa and Shigatse, the two most important cities of Tibet, feature most of the religious monuments like the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Monastery and the Sakya Monastery. But also holy lakes and sacred mountains are great places to show the Tibetans peoples’ devotion to Buddha and no matter where, Tibetian life is a visual and sensual experience unlike almost any other. The vast land is the cradle of great rivers like the Yangtse, Yellow River, Nu River, Indus and Ganges and offers awe-inspiring scenery of heavenly lakes and valleys.