Located on the southeastern coast of China, on the southern part of Yangtze River, Zhejiang is one of the smaller but very important provinces of China. Its coast has more than 200 islands and the silk and tea production made it famous in all over China. There is a saying that says “In heaven there is paradise, on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”. It shows the deep impression of its capital Hangzhou with the famous West Lake, so that even the Summer Palace was built after the example of this lake and the surrounding parks and gardens. Also Marco Polo had claimed Hangzhou as one of the most splendid cities on the earth. A third of China’s silk is from Zhejiang what gave it the name “land of silk” and let it already early form an important part of China’s economy. Beautiful mountains like Putuo Mountain, Yandang Mountain and Mount Tiantai as well as the three ancient water towns Xitang, Nanxun and Wuzheng make Zhejiang not only economically but also culturally significant.