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Terms and Conditions of CCC Language Program
1. Classes should be paid for at least one day prior to the starting date.

2. A cancellation fee of RMB300 will be charged if a participant decides to cancel registration prior to the start date. There are no refunds for any cancellation after class begins.

3. There will be no refunds in case of total or partial absenteeism or tardiness.

4. If the student wishes to change courses the following conditions apply:
a) It’s done within the first week of class (5 working days).
b) Student pays the difference between the courses.
c) There will be no refunds if the new course has a lower fee.

5. The course fee cannot be transferred to any other CCC classes, events or tours when the student cannot finish the course for any reason.

6. Students must give at least 24 hours prior notice to CCC if they cannot attend class. The teacher will cancel the class after 30 minutes if there are no students.

7. CCC can arrange private tutoring as a make-up class for those who need to catch up or for students who feel the need to reinforce their studies. The student will pay the hourly tutoring fee.

8. Students must pass the final exam (at least 60%) before upgrading to the next level. CCC can arrange a free make-up exam for those who have not passed the exam. CCC can also offer private tutoring for them, if the students pay the hourly tutoring fee.

9. CCC may occasionally arrange class observations in order to train teachers and improve teaching methods.

10. No classes will be held on Chinese Official Holidays, Christmas and January 1st New Year’s Day.

11. CCC has the right to cancel classes because of any unforeseen circumstances. In that event CCC will adjust the class schedule and arrange make-up classes.