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Meandering Mandarin Workshops
The China Culture Center' s Meandering Mandarin course is an eight-week, custom-designed Language program for the expatriate newcomer to Beijing who is eager to overcome the Language barrier in daily life communication with local Chinese people in real-life situations. This course is practical and immediately-effective and will aid the newcomer in adapting to life in Beijing while gaining a deeper appreciation for Chinese culture.

The CCC offers a unique curriculum by combining formal Language classroom lessons with a related-themed local excursion in Beijing. This method allows a person to practice the lessons learned in the classroom with an immediate follow-on Beijing excursion that will test and utilize their new lesson within an applicable cultural context.

The CCC arranges the most common eight, real-life situations that people always encounter in their daily life and are mostly interested in and pairs this excursion trip with a formal two-hour Language lesson. In each of the sessions, the student will spend two hours in the classroom to learn the key words and expressions and also brief cultural background with teachers (we’ve designed special teaching materials according to expatriate’s needs) and another one and a half hours outside of the classroom to be in a real situation to practice speaking what we learnt and try to solve problems with the teacher' s help.

In order to offer the most flexibility, participants can also choose to take the Practical Mandarin course and the Meandering Mandarin course simultaneously in order to take advantage of the Language practices to help them improve listening and speaking skills efficiently. It is also at your option to come separately for several sessions of this course that really interest you.

The Language modules are:

* In a shopping mall
* In a market (flowers, fruits, antiques, arts…etc. We will go to different market in rotation.)
* Eating out
* Taking a taxi
* In a tailor’s shop
* Massage
* Renting an apartment
* Hair or Beauty Salon

The Meandering Mandarin series can be taken on its own or alongside any of our other language courses and costs RMB 180 per session or RMB 1,200 for an 8 week/28 hour course. Classes run every Tuesday and Thursday and students can choose from either morning or afternoon sessions.

Check the CCC calendar for scheduling and book the workshops there.