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Chinese Language Courses
Our purpose

Learning the language is the best way for people to understand the culture and customs of a country. China Culture Center (CCC) is a premier cultural education organization in China that provides professional and in depth Chinese cultural programs for expatriates and visitors. We also offer special language course in China for people who have a passion for studying Chinese. Imagine traveling around China, listening to a cultural lecture or joining activities and you can easily understand what the local people are saying. You can communicate with them freely! That will enhance the experience of living or working in China!

Curriculum and Methodology

The curriculum, custom- designed for expatriates and travelers in Beijing, focuses on easily studying Chinese in a dynamic environment created by CCC. We offer all levels varying from beginner to advanced and mainly small classes that average from three to five students. Participants will enjoy learning practical mandarin with our highly qualified teachers that will induce students to participate and interact in a genuine Chinese environment. Our class activities include pronunciation practice and correction, vocabulary and grammar building, sentence patterns drills, listening comprehension, situational dialogues, role play, etc, which are very helpful and effective for students who want to master the language and also have fun in class. We emphasize practicing speaking skills; not only in the class but also outside. Students are encouraged to talk freely about a variety of topics about real life situations and all aspects of Chinese culture and modern society. Additional practices of word usages and sentence drills and other helpful class activities are organized for them to participate in.
We have three main teaching methodologies: direct, dynamic and flexible which we will always carry throughout the whole teaching process to ensure that every participant can learn easily and fast.

1. Direct
We teach precise and standard mandarin that is commonly used in daily life and we directly correct pronunciation and grammar mistakes as often as the students make them.

2. Dynamic

Students are fully encouraged to speak and interact with teachers. Various class activities ensure that each student gets appropriate language practice time and is never bored
3. Flexible
Different demands and aims for all kinds of students of different language levels and studying abilities, are incorporated into each class. Teachers also use the most effective means and pace their teaching according to the students¡¯ requirements.


We offer 7 different levels which suit the students' needs perfectly. Participants will each have a placement test before they start the course to determine which level is the most suitable one for them. After they finish the course, students must pass the final exam before upgrading to the next level.

The levels are

1. Pre-beginner
2. Beginner
3. Elementary
4. Pre-intermediate
5. Intermediate
6. Pre-advanced
7. Advanced

* After finishing the total beginner to elementary levels, participants can master over 700 words, will have a basic knowledge of Chinese phonetics, the fundamentals of grammar and can speak simple sentences in real life situations, and will feel comfortable when talking to local people.

* Studying in the pre-intermediate and intermediate levels, participants will fully develop their speaking, listening, reading, writing skills. After finishing them they can master approximately 1500-1800 words, understand completely and be very familiar with more difficult grammar and complex sentence patterns, write short essays and tell simple stories experienced in daily life. Participants can also communicate freely with native speakers outside of the classroom.

* Participants finishing the pre-advanced and advanced level will master more than 3000 words, can read and write articles like narratives or commentaries on different topics, discuss topics on all aspects of Chinese culture and society with native speakers.