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Chinese Language Courses

CCC has now closed its language courses! No group or private mandarin lessions will be offered by CCC!

Survival Mandarin Lessons

10:00-12:00, Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Nov.2 - Dec.5, 2011
We offer a 30 hours course for people who are eager to learn daily expressions used in real life situations in a fast and effective way. The goal of this course is to help students overcome the language barrier by creating a vocabulary based on everyday life situations such as taking a taxi, shopping, eating at a restaurant, asking for directions, etc. By the end of the course the students will be able to communicate their basic needs and get around town. (Click for details)

Meandering Mandarin Workshops

Meandering Mandarin is an eight-week, custom-designed Language program for the expatriate newcomer to Beijing who is eager to overcome the Language barrier in daily life communication with local Chinese people in real-life situations. The CCC arranges the most common eight, real-life situations that people always encounter in their daily life and are mostly interested in and pairs this excursion trip with a formal two-hour Language lesson. This method allows a person to practice the lessons learned in the classroom with an immediate follow-on Beijing excursion that will test and utilize their new lesson within an applicable cultural context. (Click for details)

Language & Culture Series

Learn mandarin and Chinese literature, ancient values and current culture & expressions through reading and studying original Chinese Classics and poems, everyday colloquials or most up-to-date blogs, films, TV skits - the charming way to improve your vocabulary, tone, reading and writing skills, and get to know Chinese literature, culture, philosophy or Chinese mentality and humor. The class will be in both Chinese and English, so no level limitations.(Click for details)

Practical Mandarin Lessons

In this course, our ultimate goal is to develop the students' ability to communicate. We mainly concentrate on practicing speaking and listening skills which most of the people are eager to gain. We do so by frequently giving oral exercises and sentence drills during class. The course is normally 60-120 hours for each of the different levels. The textbooks perfectly cover all the basic words and sentence patterns that are used in daily life.
We also offer a 6 hours character writing class as an auxiliary class for those who are interested in learning Chinese characters, given them a better understanding of the language. At the end of the auxiliary class the students will feel it' s easier to recognize characters where ever they see them.

* Regular classes
* Intensive classes
* One-On-One Classes

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