Neuroflexology is a simple technique that is quickly and easily applied to the foot and lower leg. It is designed to switch on a person’s own healing system and enables the body to re-balance itself naturally. Neuroflexology may improve well being, ease anxious state and back problems, and repair painful joints. It is a minimal treatment, with amazing effect, making it truly a therapy for the future.

This is a two part course (2 days at least 3 months apart) that introduces you to the background, the theory and potential of Neuroflexology with treatment demonstrations and practice. The course is supported by hand-outs, group and pair work and visual resources. A Certificate of Completion will be provided at the end of the course after Part 2. The course will be held at the China Culture Center, Beijing.

By the end of the training you will have:
- Reviewed and located the bones, tendons, muscles & nerves of the feet
- Reviewed knowledge of the Nervous & Endocrine Systems.
- Understood and appreciated the benefits of Neuroflexology
- Confirmed preparation of client/patient for treatment
- Experienced & Demonstrated the Neuroflexology technique.
- Reviewed Case History reporting
- Discussed Recording of Sensations
- Participated in Any Questions & Discussion

About the tutor:
Jennie Levick, SRN, D32 / D33 / D34, Cert Ed Post-16, MSc:,
IIR Director, ART, MAR, QAC City & Guilds., Founder Member International Neuroflexology Guild

Jennie’s teaching experience began with her career in nursing in the 1960s. Later in 1993 she became authorised to teach “The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology” for the International Institute of Reflexology (UK). This led to her gaining her Cert. Ed in Post-16 Education and Master of Science Health Care Education. In 2006 Jennie was accredited to teach Neuroflexology and in 2007 Jennie became a Bach Flower Remedy Teachers’ Programme graduate.

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  • Free of charge for the course.
    RMB 50 as compensation for the weekend assistant duty and venue.
    Maximum participants for this course is 6, so any interested person, male or female who has knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how a body heals itself is welcome.


    9.30am           Welcome
          Anatomy & Physiology Revision
                            Finger/Thumb technique
    11am              BREAK
    11.20am        Demonstration
                            Practical Work
    12.30pm        LUNCH
    1.30pm          Practise
    3pm                COMFORT BREAK
    3.20pm          Case Studies
    Questions and Discussion
                            Evaluation and Reflection
    5pm    END