Four-week bilingual summer camp arranges both indoor hands-on activities and tours exploring Beijing. Featuring authentic traditional Chinese culture, the four themed weeks (You can book by week) are scheduled throughout the summer from Mid-June to end of August, and opens to kids aged from 5-12. The size of the camp is between 6-14. The guides and teachers or artists are all well-trained bilingual staff for CCC's adult programs and tours. We provide all formal lunches, morning and afternoon snacks, fruits and yogurts,etc. and clean and safe air-conditioned transportation for the tours, and of course security coordinators to look after the kids.

Venue: Chaoyang Park location (Victoria Gardens).
Monday-Friday camp: drop-off between 8:45-9:15; pick-up between 15:30-16:30
Each week there will be two-four experienced counselors to attend the kids, and one artist or expert to offer cultural programs.
  • RMB 3,400 / 5 days / per child. (small group of 5-12 kids)
    It inlcudes everything from lunch, snack to outing transportation)

  • Cultural Week I  (June 19-23; July 17-21)
    Monday:  morning- painting on silk fan; afternoon: Tibetan Music and Tibetan Dance Learning
    Tuesday:  Visit China Ethnic Minority Costume and Accessory Muesum; Afernoon: tailer-made a small costume with fabrics.
    Wednesday: Morning - Japanese Flower and Plant Braiding; Afternoon - Lotus lantern-making
    Thursday: Chartered Dragon Boat tour to the Summer Palace
    Friday: Morning - Make traditional Beijing Style toy: Kungfu Guy

    Cultural Week II (June 26-30  July 24-28; August 14-18)
    Morning: Flower Arrangement workshop;
    Afternoon - visit a very famous folk artist who makes "bristle Men" in his courtyard house near houhai, downtown Beijing.See all his private collections of Beijing toys and bristle men and women in Peking Opera style. Watch his "bristle men performance" and demonstration of bristle men making. And make a paper toy in his home.
    Tuesday: .Monring -Make a "running rat" in the studio classroom of the China Culture Center, instructed by the artist from famous Toy Tang Family - a famous Manchu toy maker.
    Lunch in a well-known Beijing style restaurant.
    Afternoon: Tea ritual hands-on class
    Wednesday:  Morning - Watch a 72-years old opera artist to do face-painting - Monkey King and then watch performance and learn some basic Monkey King facial expressions and movements.  Morning: Flower Arrangement class given by Lily, who acquired professor title in Japan on Flower Arrangement.
    Afternoon: hands-on - Chinese Tie-dye
    Thursday: Morning: Half-day tour to Beijing Enamel Art Factory and see the artisans do the cloisonne making; Afternoon- Learn Five Animal Frolics (ancient exercises)  and kids meditation.
    Friday: Morning - Pedicab hutong tour around Xuanwu District, visit a local family and learn their everyday life, and the knowledge of courtyard house structure and cultural symbols; Afternoon  -Cookery class: Imperial Pastry

    Cultural Week III (July 3-7; July 31-August 4)
    Monday Morning -Palace-style lantern-making; Afternoon - Snack Tanghulu (hawberry stick)-making
    Tuesday outing: Meilanfang Opera Master's Former Residence Visit;  visit the Imperial First Agriculture God Palace and Altar, Ancient Chinese Architecture Museum
    Wednesday: morning - Traditional Beijing Style Toy-making: a gymnastic monkey on horizontal bar; afternoon: Make traditional Swallow kite
    Thursday: outing - An Intimate Visit to a Fortress Villages By the Great Wall
    Friday: Morning -calligraphy and Chinese Classic Recitation; Afternoon: Mongolian music and dance learning classes.

    Cultural Week IV (July 10-14; August 7-11)
    Monday: traditional windmill-making; Chinese juggler show and magic class.
    Tuesday: Chinese bell knotting class; visit a traditional Chinese clinic, learn the herbs and accupoints and make haw berry balls.
    Wednesday: Learn to play Ping Pong; make fabric tigers toys.
    Thursday: day-trip: Silver Fox Cave
    Friday: learn the Chinese Shuanghuang (two-men comic) show; Hand-pulled noodle and Shaomai workshop

    Note: the sequence of the classes and tours will adjust accordingly to the weather and air quality.