The China Culture Center is dedicated to the study and practice of Zen (or called Chan in China) - a combination of Han Chinese, Tibetan and South-east Asian meditation practices - for lay students, and people who wish to mature their understanding of life. We offer immersion Zen workshop combined with tea in the room set up in traditional way like in temple. Students will follow the routine exactly like the Zen monks. This class offers you an opportunity to experience the meditative state, as well as a new way of looking at yourself. The techniques learnt can also be incorporated into your daily life after the class. Lunch and lunch break / noon nap are provided.

Meditation level requirement: This class requires no previous experience. An open mind is always good for getting the best out of the course.

Book half-day, one or two days of Zen workshop with us to gain insight into the teachings and practices of Zen. A practicing Buddhist layman will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, and a real Zen Buddhist monk will occasionally stop by as well. Not only will you learn about Zen (Chan in Chinese) through its music, its stories, its art, its rituals and its martial arts, but you'll also grow to understand and appreciate the challenges and rewards of Zen meditation.

*Meditation sessions will be supplemented by discussion of Zen (Chan) philosophy; you'll learn how to apply Zen (Chan) principles to enrich your daily life with tranquility.
* In keeping with the meaning of Zen(Chan)-"learning through meditation"- each workshop will consist of long sitting and walking meditation sessions as well as discussion. Our Buddhist guide will teach you proper meditation techniques, and a Zen environment of music, candles and incense will calm your mind and soothe your soul.
  • RMB 250/Door Price 
    RMB 200/Discounted Prepaid Price

    It includes English-speaking teacher and all materials. 

    Payment Methods:  Please click the link here for all six payment options. Since the day tours and classes involve relatively small amount of money, we recommend you to ask your Chinese friends or colleagues to help you transfer the money by WeChat Wallet or Ali Pay, the easiest and fastest ways to make payments in China.  

    Note: Prepayment shall be made at least one working day before 5pm Beijing time prior to the tour/class time (before Friday 5pm if the tour/class is on Sunday), so CCC staffs are able to check and confirm.  If you use international credit card wire the fee (which may take some time), please send us a photocopy of your receipt (a picture by your cellphone) to prove. 

    Cancellation policy: If you have to cancel after you made prepayment, please let us know (by phone call) 48 hours in advance. 20% of tour/event fee will be charged for cancellation if you do it within 48 hours, 50% of tour/event fee will be charged if you cancel within 24 hours’ notice.

  • About the Master
    Paul Wang, a layman Buddhist practitioner, has studied and practiced Zen for over ten years, and has been teaching Zen meditation at the Live Zen Center (operated by the China Culture Center) for over five years. He started and benefited a lot from South-east Asian Insight Meditation according to the lineage of venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, and received the Zen teaching from venerable Master XingPo, who is one of the head master of CaoXi school, and take the lineage of Tibetan Buddhism from venerable Master GaZang, who is the head master of one of the most important Tibetan Temples. Through continuous practicing and teaching, he gradually worked out a set of practical methods on mediation by combining these three systems. He gives Zen coaching and philosophical teaching tailored to personal differences and individual needs. He teaches students how to build links between Zen practice and daily life.

    Walking meditation in the
    Live Zen Center

    Where: China Culture Center, Chaoyang District of Beijing, or other venues by request.

    No regular group classes but only custome-made workshops are availalbe now.

    CCC's mission is to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture by offering a wide variety of cultural activities and events to our members. Fees to certain programs such as this are provided on a non-profit basis and are meant to only cover actual costs of that specific program. You can help us by registering in advance of the program so that we can minimize the cost of these programs. Your contribution helps us to continue offering such programs in the future.

    Dressing for the first Zen class
    Dress  is casual and loose. There is traditional Zen meditation wear but wait to make any clothing commitments until after the first class. Priority is freedom of movement.
    •Typical fitted stretch exercise workout clothing is fine, as are drawstring pants and a T-shirt.
    •Footwear can be sneakers or socks with soles or grips or even barefoot.
    •Once familiar with the practice, special shoes and clothing can be purchase.

    Other Zen activities in the Beijing Zen Center will include:  (view pictures here)

    * Traveling to Buddhist mountains & holy temples
    * Staying and studying with Zen Buddhism in monasteries
    * Interviews with Zen masters and senior monks
    * Cooking Zen dishes and preparing Zen tea
    ....and more!
    Alll are private and custom-made by request. No group classes for a single person to join.