Like yoga,internal martial arts rejuvenate both the inner and outer body. Internal martial arts represents a profound fusion of traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, self defense and Qigong, the discipline of energy cultivation. Regular practice allows you to access higher levels of health, energy and success.

Why practice?

- Release stress & tension
- Fitness & whole body strength
-Learn real self-defense
-Understand Chinese philosophy
- Look and feel younger

Our masters teach the internal martial arts of Xingyi and Bagua, which have roots dating back to the Song Dynasty. Xingyi harnesses the healing power of the Chinese five elements and offers a foundational set of self-defense techniques for victory in any combat situation. Bagua is a power practice based on the Taoist text, the Yi Ching, and focuses on the meditative practice of circle walking.

Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.
  • RMB 80 per class

    (These are special introduction workshop each week focusing one key aspect of Qigong, such as practising Dan breathing, zhan zhuang standing, etc.

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