Learn how to prepare two very traditional Chinese dishes- noodles and dumplings- from a master chef in this interactive class.

First, our professional chef will demonstrate how a shapeless ball of dough can be pulled into very thin "whisker" noodles in a matter of minutes. Also called "longevity noodles," the noodles we' ll be stretching are different from the thick, elastic, Shaanxi-style variety and are traditionally served on birthdays, especially for the elderly. Though our chef makes it look easy, making them is a lot harder than it looks! See for yourself why chefs train for months before being able to successfully transform a slippery mass of dough into the delicate noodles on your dinner plate.

After playing with the noodles for a bit, the dough you prepared for dumplings at the beginning of class will be ready. Our chef will first show you how to prepare the dumpling skins. Then, you'll make your own vegetable and meat dumplings (jiaozi) using two prepared fillings. Just as with noodles, it' s harder than it looks! By the end of the class, you taste your own creations.
  • RMB 150

  • Phone: 86-10-6432-9341 (Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm); 86-10-6432-1041 (after hours, rerouted to mobile phone) Both tourists and expatriates are welcome to join. Registration is essential. No pre-payment is required. Pay at arrival.

  • Duration: 2 hours
    Venue: China Culture Center, Beijing, China.